Digital Transformation Report 2014 – Altimeter Group – a Quickie

Digital Transformation Report 2014 – Altimeter Group – a Quickie

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The new buzzword is “customer journey.” Combine persona with purchase path and I think you get a pretty good idea what the customer journey is. Perhaps a bit more nuance on the different stages of the buying experience the web visitor is in, what part of the funnel they are in on their journey. But you get the idea. The alarming stat here is that

42% haven’t done the research
12% have talked about it, but not taken action
3% say it hasn’t been made a priority

So over 57% of businesses surveyed have yet to really begin the basic building block of digital transformation in drawing out the map of the customer journey? This IS a problem.

If we combine the new SEO trend towards social media importance, and we look at companies needing to radically alter their digital marketing based on understanding their own unique “customer journey” we’d have a digitally agile and performance-based company.

How far along the path to digital transformation is your company? What’s it going to take for your business objectives to align with your digital marketing objectives.

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Digital transformation carries expectations that its impact can be measured at both customer and business levels. Of course, if it can contribute to the bottom line, the CFO and CEO are going to be interested. But if the success is only measured in “activity” or “share of voice” you are going to have a harder case to make for the effort to transform your company in to a more digital savvy organization.

And when the transformation has begun, what are the most important disciplines that are being addressed?

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The bottom line: Digital transformation is critical for any companies doing business on the web. Often lead by the CMO, the culture of the company requires a shift to make the leap to a fully-activated digital marketing department. In the beginning the effort is a marketing push, but in the end the transformation has to reach every team to achieve full impact.

It’s a digital marketplace. Even if your company is not directly involved in eCommerce, you need to understand your digital footprint so you can shape and influence the activity on the web. Your potential customers and current customers are watching what you are doing. And they are watching what others are saying about you. In order to take full benefit of the digital marketplace you have to be in the conversation at all stages. From discovery, leading into evaluation, and on into sales and support, your digital approach requires a holistic effort.

If you need help along any of the transformational stages, let us know, we can help.

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