Do the Dead Still Tweet?

Do the Dead Still Tweet?

I’d bet, if I could remember the user name, that my first Twitter account is still alive. And I can’t begin to imagine how many Twitter accounts I’ve created over the years that Twitter has been a thing. Maybe 100. And unless I’ve shut them down, they are all still waiting to be revived like a zombie, and start tweeting or repeating on my behalf. Yuk.

So Twitter has a number of problems.

  • It is confusing and hard to figure out
  • It is full of spam
  • Trying to use Twitter via is hopeless
  • It requires some tools and training to get the most out of it
  • It is full of bot accounts and fake accounts that never add value
  • Even many of the humans on Twitter, abuse it like a spam network

So here’s my question: If Guy Kawasaki was struck by lightning and taken to heaven, would his 1.4m strong Twitter account keep tweeting? I mean, I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Very little of the content is actually curated by Guy anyway. So at this point, Guy’s Twitter account is more of a bot account than a human account. I’m sure Guy would have an objection to this generalization, but since he blocked me for pointing out his spamminess, I’m guessing he’s done responding to me.

Still, here is the question. Is Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter account worth money even after he’s ascended into Mac-heaven? And if he were gone already would we ever find out via his tweets?

Twitter claims around 5% of all its accounts are false or spam accounts, which at most is 13.5 million. — Daily Mail

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.05.21 PM

So with 24% growth internationally, Twitter is trying to keep those numbers healthy. And their financials seem to be out pacing Facebook’s. But how many of the new growth accounts are due to the growing “buy 20,000 followers for $19.95” army of fake accounts.

And when you look at what Twitter calls spam:

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.06.27 PM

You might begin to imagine that Guy Kawasaki must have his own anti-spam cloaking device that keeps his massive spam-bot account from being shutdown. Sure, I hear you saying, “Just unfollow him, if he’s such a pain in your ass,” but he’s a pain in everyone’s ass. And his habit, his technique, his marketing smarts are being broadcast in books, and articles, webinars, as the next guru of marketing and growth strategies. And he Tweets like a machine.

So be it, the auto-bot Guy Kawasaki may live on long after the namesake is gone and we certainly couldn’t tell the difference.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

image: fishbowl twitter, christina hendricks, creative commons usage

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