Facebook Just Hijacked Your Email Address – Here’s How to Fix It

It may not be a big deal, it may be trivial and easy to fix, but today Facebook up and hijacked your email address on Facebook. Did you even know you had an @facebook.com email address? Well, welcome to post-IPO Facebook, making changes because they can.

The fix is really easy, but here’s a diagram on how to do it quickly.

how to reset your email address on facebook
click to view full-screen from slideshare.net

The PPT slides can be viewed and downloaded from Slideshare.net: Facebook Email Hijack Fix

Don’t thank me, thank Mark and Co. for enabling and changing a “feature” and turning a change into a “benefit.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t be publishing or using my @facebook.com email address. I can’t imagine anything much worse, managing email within Facebook. UG! Be prepared for what’s next from Facebook, because it’s coming.

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