The Erosion of Twitter – Who Do You Follow? Are They Still Tweeting?

The Erosion of Twitter – Who Do You Follow? Are They Still Tweeting?

A recent stat I read said that 50% of Americans use Facebook and only 7% use Twitter. And a few years back the Twitter drop off rate after 30 days was about 80%. And then there’s the stat that 10% of tweeters make up 80% of all tweets.

Okay, so answer this. Do you ever go back and clean your twitter followers list?

One of my favorite tools to manage Twitter is called, ManageFlitter (Twitter started suing all companies that used Twitter in the name). It’s important to clean out the scammers and deadbeats off your followers list, and even more so from the list of people you are following.

So running the tool recently I was amazed by the number of Twitter accounts that had gone over 5 – 7 months without a single tweet. A pretty good sign that the tweeter has moved on. And what’s the use of tweeting anyway? Especially if you are trying to make a quick buck in social media, Twitter might be a cornerstone of your initial strategy, but if the dividends are not quick in coming, the commitment might dry up.

You can see the fallen Twitter accounts with great names, even custom avatar logos that look quite professional. But if you don’t get it, “what is Twitter for?”, you might not see the value in carrying on a conversation with people who don’t really care about your product or brand.

So in my recent purge of followers, I deleted 500+ accounts that I was following who had either gone dark or were clearly spammers. And if you are looking to grow your LIVE Twitter followers, you will need to unfollow the deadbeats pretty quickly or you will rapidly reach the “you cannot follow any more people at this time” limit.

So what is your Twitter strategy? Who do you follow? And have your figured out how and why to tweet? It’s an ongoing conversation…

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