External Hit Problems: Traffic On Slideshare Doesn’t Bring Traffic

External Hit Problems: Traffic On Slideshare Doesn’t Bring Traffic

It’s more of a warm fuzzy than a “win.” Last week, when I got an email from Slideshare.net saying the popularity of my presentation, The Return on Cats: The ROI oc Cute Animal Pics and Memes, has been promoted to the main page.

While the traffic to the presentation went skyward, the referrals to my site didn’t jump at all. Leading me to wonder, does a viral hit on some other site (Slideshare, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) actually lead to traffic or some alternatively tangible benefit.

Having a hit on an external social network
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When the dust had settled I did have a nice influx of viewers on Slideshare.net, but nada to my site.

So what did I gain from being on Slideshare in the first place?

It’s right there… My profile, my followers 160, and the number of presentations I’ve uploaded over the years, 75.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.06.39 PM
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And then weekly, like a dutiful intern, Slideshare sends me an update of my stats on their network.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.08.38 PM
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So I’m certain I’ve gotten very little traffic to uber.la from slideshare.net. BUT, I would guess if someone is looking for me, and they find me via one of my slide decks, the addition of my phone number to the profile page, is more valuable than the url.

So slideshare is like a resume of sorts. It’s also a demonstration of my commitment to teaching people, for free, how to use social media to grow their small and medium businesses. It’s not 100% altruistic. I want the business. But I also want you to get something for free.

If you need me, you know where I can be found. And a few months from now, when you have that ah ha moment, “Hey, we really need to jump start our social media program,” I might be the person who comes to your mind. If I am, I don’t care how you find me. Slideshare, Facebook, Uber.la, are all fine. I will be happy that you found me. And if I can help, I will.

BOTTOM LINE: Know why you are contributing content to an external social media site. (Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare, etc.) And measure the influence and find out if you are getting any “love” from this activity. You might be surprised what channels people are following you on. That cool Instagram image of your latest infographic might be just the social trigger someone needed to call you up about a new project.

It’s not that hard to do social. It’s hard to do it well. And harder still to show positive results on the bottom line. But it can be done. And it will be done, if that is your will. And… of course, I can help.

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