Top Blogging Tips for Content Marketing

Top Blogging Tips for Content Marketing

You’ve got to find your voice, and quick. And you find your voice through writing, a lot. And you should set up what you think your goal is for your blogging, but be ready for it to change and morph at any time. Either your audience will find you and you will build readership or you won’t. If you don’t, you need to keep trying. Mix it up. Do something extreme. Piss someone off. But do it now, there is no time to be a lazy blogger. The world has too many “bloggers” who are just blogging. You’ve got to SAY SOMETHING, SAY ANYTHING, BUT SAY IT LOUD.

  • Define your goals
  • Define what success would look like to you
  • Watch your metrics – look for Signals – amplify what works
  • Blogger, Blogging, Blog are all curse words in my mind, I am a writer, thank you.
  • Get your niche, refine it, own the #hashtag, build authority around something you care about
  • Comments, Likes, and Shares aren’t everything, but they are something. (Want more comments, be more controversial. Are you sure this is what you want?)

And then turn up the volume. Think about the writers you love. Are they tame, sedate, average? No. Nobody forwards, favorites or retweets a boring post. Don’t fall into doing it right, or middle of the road. GO OVER THE TOP.

And with this advice, don’t be afraid to be controversial or take an unpopular position.

In the blog world we’ve got to look for signals about what’s working and what’s not. Listen for the signals on what you’ve already written. Look for signals of the BIG stories in the wide world and see if there’s an angle you can join in on. Here’s my most recent example (too long ago to really remember…) And perhaps I repeat myself, but in the famous words of Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, “If I repeat myself, then I repeat myself/ I am large, I contain multitudes. Here’s my previous manifesto

2013 Blogger Manifesto

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