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  1. I can tell you from experience that Facebook can work and does work if done right. What do I mean by right? Well, it is like anything in marketing, many marketers think if they hang up a shingle or just throw something out there in the form of an ad or a communication, they should see some ROI. Well, you probably will, but not what you were hoping. It amazes me how many big companies with smart marketers in them, forget many marketing 101 concepts when approaching new media (and old). People still have to want what you are selling. It still needs to be relevant to the market or audience you are targeting. Facebook is no different. Yes, it is a great place to get friends to recommend to friends. Yes, it is a great place to be a billboard on the busiest highway in the superhighway structure. But if they are not in the mood for a burger, they are not pulling over at McDonald’s no matter how big their billboard is. However, that should not stop you from going after all those hungry people that are in the mood for a burger. Facebook has an incredible way to target. You can narrowcast on Facebook and it should be used. No one should just stick up a page on Facebook and expect it to fill up with “likes.” This is not the Field of Dreams. Just like any campaign, it should be multifaceted. If you put up a page, use the Facebook ads to target in on your customers to get them to come to your Facebook page, or wait, maybe even directly into your store. I just did that over a six month period of time at a very large computer company in Texas. By targeting and giving people what they wanted based on what we knew about them, we were able to increase our relative ROI from $.25 on the dollar to $4 for every dollar we spent. Now, there was a learning curve, and our dollar amounts started low as a test, but then as we honed and achieved better results, we were able to turn great results. In just 104 days we were able to increase our overall results by 12 times. Drive more than 600 million impressions, 200K clicks, and $500K in revenue. If marketers stop being mystified by new media and apply the basics, it is possible to sell on platforms like Facebook.

      • Thanks John. I think you might know the computer company I am talking about fairly well. 🙂

        It was amazing how when we stopped casting out a huge net saying “buy something” and went more down the route of “Hey Military member, get a special price on this military game and super powerful system” how much the ROI changed. In social media it is even more important to act like you know your customer as most everything and everybody they interact with in social media is someone or something they “know.”