Facebook Fails: The Series Continues

Facebook Fails: The Series Continues

Facebook is the best we’ve got, and still… It’s awful and getting worse. As Zuck and Co. continue to squeeze as much monetization as they can out of the 2 billion daily users, we’re left with not much more than a birthday calendar and a platform for advertising. And if that’s not enough, that same advertising we see on Facebook uses technology to track us around the web and show us the same ads, because somewhere a social signal gave them the idea we were interested in a specific purchase.

Facebook Fails is my collection of issues, one at a time, that I’ve had (am having) with Facebook over time. I started this a long time ago, but I thought the historical information would be interesting as well. So here they are in chronological order, FACEBOOK FAILS: The Series.

  1. Death of Organic Reach on Facebook 2016
  2. What Facebook Reach Looks Like with 2,000 Followers
  3. Why We Keep Using Facebook: The Good, The Bad, The Fail
  4. Facebook Reach is Pay-to-play
  5. Take Back Facebook: The LIKE Cycle vs. The Dead Pool
  6. Top 3 Facebook Fails that Make My Blood Boil Daily
  7. Facebook’s Community Value is 0.25
  8. I Might Have a Problem with Facebook: The Love Hate Relationship
  9. Nudging Facebook Back Towards Friends
  10. Facebook Philosophy: It’s How You Choose to Use It
  11. Facebook Angst: Are We Just Whining or is Facebook That Bad?
  12. Facebook Business Pages: Why I Killed My Page, and Have Now Rebooted It
  13. POV: Facebook’s Gonna Make You Pay, Because They Can
  14. Social Advertising Benchmarks: Facebook
  15. Tired of Facebook Even After a 99 Day Hiatus
  16. Top 10 Things I Miss About Facebook
  17. Facebook Is Down: *die* Facebook *die*
  18. If Not Google+ Where Will We Find a Facebook Alternative?
  19. Fixing Facebook: Facebook Pro vs Facebook Free
  20. What’s Your Facebook eCommerce IQ?
  21. How to Fix your Facebook News Feed
  22. Why Do You LIKE Brands on Facebook?
  23. Facebook Brand: Your Customer Service is on Facebook
  24. Resetting Facebook: Expectations & Priorities vs. Procrastination

Resurfaced Posts from the Facebook Fail Archives

  1. Hello Facebook, I’m Home
  2. Please Be Careful, Facebook wants Your Information to Remain Safe
  3. A Friend Request Works Just Like a Friending
  4. Only Friend People You Know Personally on Facebook
  5. Facebook’s Mostly Just Friends Filter
  6. How Facebook Filters Everything
  7. Keep Your Filter Off My Friends, Facebook
  8. False Security on Facebook
  9. My Snark-free Future on Facebook

Slideshare Presentations:

  1. Facebook Fail #47: Just Show Me
  2. Facebook’s 12 Deadly Sins
  3. Neo-Facebook, One Site Simplified
  4. Facebook’s UI Simplified

Join us as we explore how to improve Facebook or leave it behind for good.

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