facebook POP QUIZ #4: What’s the top user goal on facebook?

what's the top user goal on facebook?

I’d be interested to hear what the user-interface group for facebook says about what the top goal of their users on facebook is? Aside from simplifying the confusing masthead navigation, facebook would do well to ID the main user function and then allow their design and feature upgrades to flow from that focus.

Places is okay, if you want to be that obsessive about “locating” yourself in social media. A better and CLEARER way to connect and share with your friends, might be a better project for the team. That I believe is the #1 GOAL of a typical facebook user. And if that is the primary goal of users on facebook why is it only on one screen and why does it get about 4% of the screen space? I think they might want to look at that in the next redesign.

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