Beyond Reach: Facebook Metrics & Considerations

Beyond Reach: Facebook Metrics & Considerations


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Simply Measured provides some of the best research and advice in the digital marketing space. A few weeks ago they published this webinar deck: Beyond Reach: Important Facebook Metrics You Should Measure. With good faith and creative commons usage, I will attempt to bring you the quick-view of the top-level learnings. Please reference the original powerpoint deck on Slideshare for the full presentation.

POINT ONE: Facebook needs revenue. Everything they do since acquisition has been about maximizing revenue. And what’s good for Facebook is not necessary good for the users.

Facebook needs money

POINT TWO: Points of Measurement On Facebook

Facebook measurments



POINT THREE: Take note of the good things that happen and repeat those. Examine the peaks and see what posts caused your feed to get a lift. If you pay for reach, make sure you are boosting posts that already show the potential of going viral before you boost them.

Good On Facebook

POINT FOUR: What things caused people to UNLIKE or UNFAN your page? Try not to do those again. Learn and do better. Sometimes its a post that is too salesy, or too much marketing speak. Facebook tends to favor the casual, informative, teaching or funny post. Get to professional and you’re likely to see negative feedback.

What works on Facebook


POINT FIVE: Take measure of your content strategy. What are you paying for reach? Are you boosting the right posts? Can you see positive results over time? How can you tailor your content to better please your audience. Get to know what works and do more of that. Find what doesn’t work and quit doing that all together.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.57.44 AM

POINT SIX: The Take Aways

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.55.47 AM

It’s that easy. To do better on Facebook learn what works for your audience. Watch for things that spike positively and boost them. Watch for things that spike negatively and stop doing those. Seems pretty simple.

POINT SEVEN: Great content trumps paid reach and promotions. Keep refining how you talk to your audience and learn more about what they want, what engages them, what causes them to share your content, for free. Facebook is hard, and getting harder, but it’s worth the effort.

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Source: Beyond Reach: Important Facebook Metrics You Should Measure – Simply Measured on Slideshare

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