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We’re gathering all of the Uber.la Facebook posts in one index, and you have arrived at the Facebook page. While Facebook has surpassed Google.com in traffic and Fast Company has declared Facebook the #1 Innovative Company for 2010, in spite of all that, we struggle with Facebook. And there are actually some fairly simple mistakes that Facebook has made with in user-experience 101–we’ve highlighted some of them here and will continue to do so–and with every NEW Facebook “upgrade” they seem to make things worse.

And when you are building and designing the world’s largest social network, we believe you owe some deeper thought to all of us using your service. Facebook is not a small startup that change colors, fonts and menus at a whim. When Facebook changes some core navigation system, or introduces a new “feature” or “service” it affects literally millions. And of course, it affects me personally. So here we are.

The opinions, ideas and suggestions are unsolicited and are mine and mine alone. I would love it if you would join me in demanding better from this massive multiplayer network, because we deserve better, faster, simpler. Everyday when you open your Facebook page, there are so many needless clicks that it’s like driving down a city street where the stop lights are set so that you have to stop at each intersection.

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Most people don’t really enjoy being mean; they do it because they can’t help it. (from Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)

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