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Celebrating it’s 200 Millionth user, LinkedIn appears to have arrived, or finally been noticed as the biggest business referral network in the world. Facebook is huge, but Facebook is for +14-yo kids, grand parents, and college kids. The big L on the other hand is pure business. And if you’re looking to make a mark using online networking or marketing, you’d better get your LinkedIn profile and account in order.

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Um, Your LinkedIN Profile Is Kinda Important. You Might Want To Pay Attention!
Are you in business? Do you need to network? Would you like more work, or better paying work? Okay, let’s get something straight. You don’t need to take a “Marketing on LinkedIn” Webinar to understand these fundamental requirements.

THE Social Media Marketing Secret in Two Words: LinkedIn Groups (best practices)
Today I tried the “post to LinkedIn” link on this blog, and discovered that the Post to Groups feature was working again. Here are my results from that ONE Post on LinkedIn.

Single-Shot Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn (1-slide / 15-seconds)
LinkedIN – how to harness the power of LinkedIN groups. An example that will wake you up in 15-seconds max. Enjoy.

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