Pinterest Logo - resource pageThere is no denying that Pinterest is one of the hottest, fastest growing social networks in recent history. Compare it with Google+ and you will see one runaway hit and one tech-lust wannabe. I’ve had to elevate the Pinterest page to its own tab: this is my page to capture all that’s of Pinterest on And here’s my Pinterest account: jmacofearth

So what’s so great about Pinterest? Do you really need to learn *another* social network?

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Pinterest’s Potential Pitfall (Social Media Today)
It took Facebook 5 years to turn a profit, and almost 4 years for Twitter. The model? Ad revenue. It is no secret Pinterest will follow suit, the only question is how long before the network becomes so saturated with inauthentic material that it becomes irrelevant? What will stop Pinterest from becoming another hub of information overload?

Pinterest Clones and New Twists:

  • The Fancy – like Pinterest with direct purchase links
  • Materesting – like Pinterest with a penis (for manly stuff)
  • Punterest – social media today’s comedy idea
  • Pingram – Instagram and Pinterest – they’re gonna have to change that logo ripoff.
  • IWannaNom – a foodie Pinterest.


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