facebook’s Ad Targeting System: FB Pop Quiz #2

So you click and you click and you tell them why you don’t like certain ads, and why then do they show up at your next visit? The same exact ad? Is the Facebook Ad Targeting System broken, or is it like an idiot system, the more you click and the more you reason why the less it does, meaning it does nothing.

Does Facebook's Ad Targeting do anything?

So click around and you tell me if it’s doing more than collecting clicks for Facebook. I have un-selected the same ad over and over and used all the reasons and it keeps coming back. Does that mean they have not sold enough impressions in my target demographic and thus they are going to show me what they have, even if I’ve said it’s “offensive” to me? That’s not very good for me or the advertiser.

The only thing I have been able to determine for a fact is this. If you set your AGE to 90+ you will quit getting the ads that start “45 year olds can qualify for better rates…” You do have to put up with some reverse mortgage and Depends Undergarmet ads, but hey… what’s worse?

The pop quiz for the day is this. Does the Facebook Advertising Feedback System have ANY effect on the ads you are shown? I know it says it will “help them deliver more relevant ads.” but I simply have not seen it do anything at all.

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