Facebook’s “Mostly Just Friends” Filtering Is Selling You Not Helping You, Facebook Fail #30

Facebook’s “Mostly Just Friends” Filtering Is Selling You Not Helping You, Facebook Fail #30

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Mostly just friends. That’s how Facebook defines their own Strict Filtering. And why don’t they offer NO FILTERING? It’s a question that is beginning to crop up on every aspect of the New Facebook’s preferences. Why doesn’t Facebook give you the STOP FILTERING MY CONTENT preference setting? What’s Facebook got to lose by giving us the No Filter option?

Perhaps they are worried that we would be overwhelmed by the information if they didn’t filter some of it for us. [In an example like Google Search, that concept is pretty solid, we would be overwhelmed if Google didn’t inject some order into the chaos of 12,322,012 results matching “facebook fails.”]

BUT, there is no reason for Facebook to filter communications from our “friends.” There is no reason that Facebook should limit the posts we see from our TOP FRIENDS, our “show all updates” friends. But they do.

You see, I think it’s because the feed on your wall is already so fast, that if they let you see “everything” your friends were saying, it would blur past their injected advertising. If an average click response on Facebook is 0.015%, they’ve got to do something to keep the Burger King’s and Pepsi Co’s of the world interested. If Facebook showed you everything YOU wanted to see, they would have a harder time showing you what THEY want you to see. Or what other’s have PAID to MAKE YOU SEE.

Filtering as a feature or service is one thing. Filtering that is ambiguously defined as “Mostly friends” vs “Mostly just friends” leaves a lot of wiggle room for Facebook to show you whatever they want. Not giving you an option to turn that filtering off is A VIOLATION OF TRUST. Facebook has become a Big Brother of sorts, feeding and filtering you as they see fit based on some demographic/paidfor/system designed to profit from your online presence rather than enhance it.

Let’s say that again. Facebook’s casual and “friendly” filtering is NOT designed to improve your experience, it is designed to sell your experience. And that sucks.

This presentation is available on Slideshare.net: How Facebook Is Selling Not Filtering Your Friends 

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