FFoFF Friendfeed on Firefox – the Search to Define an Uber App

FFoFF – The Next Gen Open Social Platform

FriendFeed is a great tool for tracking others feeds and posts and comments and such. There are a lot of new tools that do this kinda “lifestream” process, but I am using FF as a first experiment to see how far we can go using only free tools, sites and widgets, and of course FireFox. So like RubyonRails (RoR) I now present FFoFF.

The FriendFeed Global Social Media Conversation ROOM is an initial discussion group for sharing the FFoFF idea and engaging some smart folks in a dialogue about it. So far it’s mainly me posting notes and thoughts to myself, but eventually the FF Room tool should be a simple aggregator of any content necessary to build a custom feed.

There are several open social platforms in flight and my experiment is not meant to conflict with folks doing the real work. Groups like like Marc Canter’s OpenMesh and DAPP development teams, these teams are doing actual development. I am working a kludge, using their tools and Google’s tools and jamming them together into some kind of personal navigator for the web.

I have sketched out the concept in powerpoint so that you can see and we can discuss the process and needs for this project or process or protocol/platform/stack. (Those last three words were thrown in there to make it look like I am smart about this stuff. I’m not. Marc Canter, now he’s smart!) I hope you find some way to curse or cajole me along and join in if you see a soft spot.

See ya outside the rails.

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