Fixing Pinterest in One Slide – Improving the Usability of Pinterest

(First off, I have a confession to make. I offered the discussion document and fueled the conversation on the Boxes and Arrows LinkedIN Group. Here’s the post Pinterest and the Power of Social Bookmarking: Tag Yourself (Web Design is Dead). I did not originally suggest this simple fix. BUT, I cannot tell you who did, because the thread has been taken down. Odd? I will credit the participant when I know her. I have put up a request for info on the group.)

We all have a vested interest in Pinterest getting their UI or UX right. All of us are going to spend more time on Pinterest than we care to admit, even business people, and it would help if the Pinterest experience were a little better planned. I offer this solution to one problem in hopes that Pinterest will improve. If you know any influencers there, share this with them, they can have the idea for free. (grin)

Why was this discussion deleted.

Onward to the fix.

Pinterest Usability Fix - one slide - redesign

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Simply put, the user would like to continue down the path of the pinboard and not have to return to the masterboard over and over.

It is our hope that Pinterest will consider our solution. And of course we are going to make a pinboard of it. (grin)

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  1. The lack of navigation buttons might be deliberate, Pinterest isn’t linear so they might not want to add linear navigation. I see why you are making this recommendation, but non-linear navigation seems to be one of the reasons they are seen as unique. I would want something like a ghostlike view of the board around the image to navigate to other images nearby.

    1. I can’t see how this Pinterest UX solution would inhibit any navigation, but add the valuable ability to follow a pinboard all the way through. #pinterest #socialmedia

      1. I see it more as, it wouldn’t inhibit navigation but it would change the navigation style. To me, what is really attractive about the pin boards is the way the images are not linearly lined up like a typical online photo album. It’s just a thought that they may be deliberately not adding Right/Left buttons because the images may not be intended to be viewed as 1/2/3 or Right/Left. That is my guess, no doubt your suggestion saves clicks though.

        1. What I am saying is, there is no advantage to requiring the Pinterest user to return over and over to the main page, unless they are selling impressions.

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