Forever Follows on Twitter: Top 27 Twitter Users of 2011

My top 24 twitter users list of 2011Rather than doin a #FF (follow Friday) post, I thought I’d start a running list of my Forever Follow tweeters. [To be updated as required by law.]

These are people that no matter how many times I unfollow them, I refollow them and regret having unfollowed them in the first place.

These are the people who have made a difference in my social media life, who I contact when I have questions, who I listen for, who I ultimately, in some unprofessional way, love. These people are my rockstars and shining lights. Tweet on!

Purely Personal and Inspirational

Pete is the connector that means business and spiritual support

The best team I was ever part of was inspired by this poet/code/musician/rockstar!

One of my true early Interactive Friends and Lifelong buddies

No reason for us to meet, but social media got us connected

Super social Allison 2.0

My arch-nemisis - the Todd

A true connector and social maven and friend

Close trust buddy, would love to do business with again

Marketing Insights and mommy-isms

Kathy leads with drinks and social media in hand

Nice guy and huge connector of social media mavens and learners

Business or Social Media Strategy

Chris Brogan is the posterchild for social media thinkers and workers

the visualization king of social media

Chris Pirillo is an amazing tweeter

The amazing Tara Hunt

Great insights and humor on social media

Tweeting for the Austin American Statesman

A leader in strategy about using social media in and about business

The man who introduced my family to the Wii


One of my first Healthcare buddies

One of the original TRUST NET members, maybe the creator

Connecting us on NING for the greater good

Michelle or Shelly, she's a massively informative tweeter

Health Editor for the NYTimes

Health Editor for USA Today

Whimsy and Humor

Dave Hill Explosion, Rules the off-color humor space in my tweets

That’s my CONNECTOR list for now. There are a few categories that I haven’t covered yet, but the need will arise as the Tweets come in. I hope you find joy and connection with these people as I have. And may your tweets be funny/happy/irreverent and endless.


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