FriendFeed and Facebook Sittin in a Tree: What Will Become of Us FFers?

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Okay, so it’s a done deal. And my ambivalence comes with some measure of relief. It’s no secret that FF has been failing to thrive.

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But so many things about the granddaddy Facebook suck. And while FF is not perfect, and has made some missteps in the past, it forms the core of my social media STACK. Won’t I be hoppin mad if @stop and company wreck FF by trying to “integrate it” into the FB morass? Well, yes, I will.

For now I will stay hopeful and ignorant of the motivation behind FB’s move and be glad FF will continue to exist. Cause it wouldn’t have been very good had it gone under either. So it’s a mixed blessing. Perhaps I need to start looking at those personal aggregation plug-ins for WordPress. Or roll my own.

Until then, here’s to the longevity of FF outside of the FB empire.


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