Get Your Twitter List On

Get Your Twitter List On

Getting Back In Touch with Twitter Lists

We’ve see the decline of Twitter’s functionality over time and the increase in complexity. Huh? That makes for an unusually bad user experience. No wonder the latest data shows that Twitter abandonment of new users runs  very high.  And of course, nobody is using Twitter exactly as I would like them to. Tough love. Okay. Here is an index of MY TWITTER LISTS, that I hand-generated, to help me and perhaps you navigate the hard process of finding good tweeters to follow.

  • trust-network –  my highest endorsement, these people I would/will do business with again and again
  • mentors – maybe not all business related, but these are some of my favorite leaders
  • smarty pants – damn brilliant folks, my next highest endorsement
  • socialmedia – who’s talking and leading in social media
  • tech connections – at the top of their field in tech
  • agency – ad, pr, marketing agencies (if you’re in it, you need to follow it)
  • design – graphics- make things look pretty, learn about fonts and kerning, ux and ui
  • code – dev, coders, wordpress builders, css mavens, apps
  • media – mainstream and indie media tweeters
  • seo – search – if they tweet about google adwords or search marketing they are here
  • green – environmentally conscious tweeters (it’s pretty important)
  • ehealth – can social media and healthcare live together, can social enhance patient care?
  • research – where I put tweeters I’m interested in, or who are doing data mining and research
  • austin businesses – if they’re on twitter and they’re in Austin and I like them

+++ less about business and more about friends and personal interests +++

  • austin friends – tweeters I know (and may or may not love) in ATX
  • austin friends 2 – the overflow from list 1, peeps I know in Austin, Texas, YO!
  • dads & moms – mommy bloggers and daddy bloggers (mostly single parents)
  • music – my musical tastes vary widely
  • crazy sexy fools – inappropriate NSFW and funny as all hell
  • short words poems – poetry, fiction, 140c, haiku, short short stories


Check out The Twitter Way page, the Twitter Tools Matrix (needs updating) and Zen of the Tweet my personal best-of page.

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