Getting Together In the Real World: Social Media Breakfast, Austin, TX is Tomorrow, EARLY

Getting Together In the Real World: Social Media Breakfast, Austin, TX is Tomorrow, EARLY

We love to socialize in social media. And with the number of social-media-related events in Austin, we also love to party or socialize with others. While some of this is for entertainment and some is for networking, job/lead hunting, much of it is same-old same-old, old fashioned “hello, how are things going?” socializing. Tomorrow morning, one of the best examples of the learn-something and meet-some-people gatherings in Austin takes place at 7:30am.

The Social Media Breakfast in Austin, brings some of the early birds together to talk social, drink lots of coffee, and chat about all things interesting and social and online.

I am honored to be the moderator tomorrow for two very bright stars in the Austin social media community when we try and uncover some truths and fallacies about social media measurement and performance.

Austin, TX social media breakfast

Craig Carter from Polygraph Media and Jennifer McNabb from Spredfast.

Here’s the typical agenda.

7:30-8:00 mingling
8:00-8:05 announcements (just make sure you arrive before 8am!)
8:05-9:05 interactive panel discussion
9:05-9:30 wrap up mingling
And some teasers for tomorrow’s session:
Which metrics do you think are superficial and too easy to measure…and why?
How do you define engagement on Facebook specifically?
What should a community manager or social marketer look for long-term in an analytics application?
We’d love to see you tomorrow. And if things go as planned we’ll have a Google hangout or stream of the meeting. I’ll post the link here and on the SMB Austin page if we get it set up.
We’re at the Kerbey Lane Cafe Northwest on 183, in the large room straight back as you walk in the door.
Here’s the link to the EVENT:
And the SMB AUSTIN Facebook page:
Tweetchat site for following along in the morning via Twitter:

what's the ROI of cat pictures on facebook?

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