Getting Your G+ Fix: Going for Social on Google Plus

Getting Your G+ Fix: Going for Social on Google Plus

You Can't Afford to Miss the G+ Train

In dropping my Facebook account for 99 days, I’ve been trying to find places and ways to get my social fix. Today I’ll look at G+ and give you my top impressions and a few links to my G+ writings. I’ve been working it since it was a beta and I’m still not clear on it’s benefits. Oh, other than the fact that I get about 10 – 1 the clicks from Facebook or Twitter. Well, on my techie, social media, stuff that is.

PHOTOS: One of the first things I really noticed on G+ was the amazing photography. It’s like the drug of choice. And G+ has allowed the image to be the hero by giving some posts full-width display. And if you look at some of the G+ users with massive followings they are almost all photography posters. And some are building their audience on reposting other’s photos. I’m not sure what the value is here, but it sure is pretty. Want a few minutes of distraction with some of the biggest and most beautiful photos? Open G+. But please get an extension (or two) that pause animated gifs. I hate them. Maybe on Buzzfeed, but you know what you’re going to get there.

TECHIE STUFF: The next thing you’ll seen on G+ is a lot of geeky tech stuff. It seems the geeks are the early adopters, and we have inherited G+ because it’s so much more open and easy to share with everyone. Facebook is a closed system. And Facebook’s recent dumbing down (showing only 8 – 10% of your requested friends posts) has caused many of us to look for a better place to share. If you’re in tech or marketing, Google Plus is going to be rich for you. And you’ll see your techie posts get the most love. Best if you attach a photo to them, but of course you already do this.

HANGOUTS: While part of G+, Google Hangouts are their own universe. Try them. They will blow your mind with how quickly you can be sitting in a virtual room having a conversation about politics with people from all over the world. And for the most part, people are hanging out to understand each other and be humans together. I’ve only seen a couple hangouts spinoff into something unpleasant. And then the owner blocked or banned the offending sub-human. Try a hangout right now. You’ll be amazed. But be careful, they are also addictive and a time suck.

How do you get started on Google Plus?

You’ve got to Circle people to get people to Circle you back. If you want to enter into conversations you’ve got to follow a few folks. (Hangouts on topics you care about are a great way to meet and Circle people.) And as you begin finding your tribe on G+ you can create your own Circle based on your topics. For example I have Circles on MUSIC, TECH, and PHILOSOPHY. Go find your tribe on G+ and then Circle, Hangout, and share with them.

Here are my top G+ resources that should get you well on your way to building a solid communication platform on Google Plus.

The Quick-Start Guide to Google+
Here’s my best pass at showing you how to use Google+. I will be making a quick video of this presentation shortly. Enjoy, join us on Google+, and get out there.

Assimilation: The Google Takeover! How Many Ways Do You Google?
Oh webby world what are we weaving? When Google/Amazon/Experian merge into one company will SKYNET have been created? Or is Google working to become self-aware all by itself, with the help of each and every one of us users? I am sorry… I have already been assimilated.

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