Tweeting Between Tasks, When Your Brain Needs a Break Give Yourself a Tweet

In the course of my working day I switch from online task to online task. It can feel rather ADD sometimes, but once I have gotten into the flow, things seem to go pretty well. I have the best luck when I turn off all ancillary apps and keep my focus on one task for a good length of time. I keep my email closed while I’m working on a database project. I keep my WordPress window open to 100% when I’m writing a blog post.

One of the tasks which is most fun, but also the most disorienting without a plan, is updating and participating in our social media stream. (That’s what I call it, the stream: twitter, facebook, linkedin, commenting, linking) And admittedly, if I spend any long period of time working in the stream, I get unfocused and uncoordinated. I don’t remember what my objectives are some times, and I find myself merely participating. Conversing.

I love the conversation, but sometimes it’s just that, conversation: without goal. So I have settled into a new routine that involves updating and participating in the stream BETWEEN more focused and time-intensive tasks. I use the serotonin squirt associated with social media participation as a reward for working the harder projects. Rather than spending 15 – 20 minutes at a time I spend 2 – 4 minutes as a SWITCH between tasks.

It’s important to use tools around your participation on Twitter, like Tweetdeck or Hootesuite, that help you manage that unstoppable stream. And beyond that. Remember the conversation is fun, but the goal is more fun. By keeping your goals infront of you while participating in social media, you can maintain focus and consistency rather than drifting aimlessly, surfing facebook, and reading random updates.


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