Going Incognito: Top Secret Browsing Has Important Uses

Going Incognito: Top Secret Browsing Has Important Uses

The incognito browsing function in Google’s Chrome browser has a few cool uses, other than hiding your search path and page views. Here’s my favorite incognito tip: Google yourself in incognito mode to see your unfiltered results.

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Open a new incognito tab. Go to Google.com. And Google yourself. Here’s my unfiltered SERP on my name.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 6.40.43 AM

Here are a couple of things that incognito does for you.

  1. Your search results are not influenced by your previous searches
  2. Your search results are not limited by your google profile or previous settings
  3. You get a pretty good idea of what the rest of the world might get if they google you.
  4. Looking through your un-filtered google results you might find some pages that should be removed, shutdown, or modified.

You should Google yourself from time to time. (And set a Google Alert on your name and twitter ID) If you see stuff you don’t know about, you can then investigate. What you don’t know might come back to haunt you. And from time to time, it might be a good idea to purge some old stuff off your blog,Twitter, Pinterest account, or even Facebook. Old stuff that no longer supports your personal brand or online objective can be deleted (if you own them) or modified if you don’t. It’s easy enough to ask for an old profile page to be deleted.

Here are a few more Incognito tricks and tips.

  • View the web without Ad tracking or Ad filtering.
  • Leave not trace of your searches or purchases. What if you’re buying a surprise gift for your daughter who uses your computer all the time?
  • Letting a friend use your computer to check email or Facebook. (No need to confuse your preferences or settings.)
  • See Facebook or other websites with zero ad targeting preferences. (Incognito has no cookies or preferences from ad serving software)
  • See SEO campaigns and PPC results in Google search results un-influenced by your settings or preferences

Get your spy on, go incognito for an un-filtered view of what’s happening on the web.

John McElhenney

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  1. I’ve also heard you should purchase airline tickets incognito, because you may be shown different flight options (and higher prices) based on what you’re using to view the website on (a mac, for example). I did try it once and google flights came up with the same exact results.

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