Good 2 Great Content – How Do You Cross Post and Promote Your Best Writing?

So we write and we write and we write. And if we work it really hard we get a hundred or so folks to visit our blog (people other than friends and family) and that’s it. Done?

What are the additional options for your content? You can Tweet it. You can cross post it. You can try to get a guess writing gig on Mashable or RWW. You can chat, IM and email about it. But over the course of the last six months I have found the following alternate strategies work for me. Now there is always too much of a good thing, so with any cross posting or excerpting strategy it is best to reserve these ideas for your BEST content and not everything. Cause we all know, everything is NOT wonderful, it’s miscellaneous!

inSocialMedia (a professional NING network with almost 3k members focused on Social Media for business)

inSM featured post

Having been invited to be an Admin of inSocialMedia I can promote good posts on the front page. This week it happens to be one of mine. (grin)


Posterous (a free blogging platform, easily updated via email and SMS)

posterous posting

One of the great features of posterous is the ability to create posts from SMS and Emails. And then there’s a little “Post to elsewhere” link, seen above, that can repost to Facebook, Tumblr, Google Pages and Twitter. I often repost stuff to Posterous and use their tool to put the post on my Facebook page, my legacy Google blog and Tumblr. I usually don’t use Posterous to do my Tweeting. I try to keep my Tweets under tight control.


LinkedIN (posting in your status update is one technique, but the action is in the Groups)

LinkedIN cross posting


Facebook (again the wall is good, and high visibility, but the discussions in the groups, if you find a lively one, are much more interactive.

Facebook - OpenAustin

The OpenAustin facebook page started by Whurley has some active discussions about the City of Austin website controversy. If you have content that addresses an issue, you might find a group that is aligned with that issue.


Specific commenting on high-value blogs


This post by Patrick Morehead of AMD has gotten thousands of views. And my comment is number one right at the bottom of the first page. Engaging with the tech community via commenting has some great advantages. The company may even take notice of you at some point. Patrick and I have become friends first via blogging and comments and at SXSWi we met face to face. I count him as a mentor and visionary. And when I see that he has posted one an important topic I will go give it a read. Sometimes I have something to add. And when I do, I may pick up a hand-full of the viewers of his original post.


Best-of Tweets

Occasionally I will broadcast a Tweet with a “best of” tag. For example I will occasionally RT my Twitter Rules AND the 1-2-3 Guide to Twitter.


Collective Pages on your site. This is one of the most powerful concepts. If you look at my site, I have tried to organize it more like a web site than a blog. That’s because I hope that the content I am writing is more like a book and less like a newspaper. So I have collected some of the concepts on pages that are tabs across the top of my site. One example is the InfoStreams. I am working on a series of posts on the top InfoFeed tools that I use and how I use them.

If I do my work well, the posts become chapters of that “book” or tab. And the Infostream Strategies tab becomes a reference site for people looking to get a handle on various concepts of social media. If these “posts” were burried in my “archives by date” or even tags like “twitter” or “friendfeed” it would be easy to imagine them vanishing into the blog stream and no longer being found or referenced.

That’s it for now. Please add any good ideas you have and I will approve your comments here and share them with a broader audience.


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