Google AdSense Lockout: Year Two Reflections

Google AdSense Lockout: Year Two Reflections

Each time I tell this story I get more frustrated. I mean, I probably could’ve made at least $1,ooo by now, two years after Google cancelled my AdSense account and threw my hopes and dreams for advertising glory and the holy grail MONETIZATION. Let’s recap:

About this time last year (maybe a few weeks into December) my brother had a heart attack in Mexico. And days after Google approved my AdSense account I was in the airport heading to Puerto Vallarta to be with my family as we rallied together in and around the local hospital. So, even as I was struggling with a family crisis and trying to keep my consulting practice alive, I was also plugging in the AdSense AD UNITS on this very site for the first time. (My brother’s fine, btw, thanks for asking.)

Some nights we hung out as a family, other nights we all retreated into our hotel rooms to sleep or distract ourselves with work and entertainment. I was often trying to catch up in the evenings so my two main clients didn’t freak out.

In these odd hours I would also update and check on my site, this site. And I guess that’s where my problem with Google AdSense began.

As I was installing and checking my work, I DID (I admit this) click on my ADS about 10 times. This was over the course of two days. And I’m sure this “Mexico” activity showed up as an anomaly to the Google Click-Fraud Police. I understand that. What I didn’t understand is that I was about to be disconnected from the mothership and tossed into the offender penalty box, never to be heard from again. You think I’m being dramatic. But you’ll understand my gripe better in a minute.

When I got back home to the US for a quick client check-in and some family time with my kids I learned that Google had suspended my AdSense account. I believe I had a revenue due amount of about $1.02. I appealed. I shared my clickstream and Google Analytics in a report to the authorities asking for forgiveness. And in this time, I learned there was a Google Chrome Extension for publishers that allows you to click on your ads without triggering the alarm. But I hadn’t discovered this magical tool before my unexpected trip to Mexico. Of course, now it just showed “account disabled,” but I suppose we could’ve avoided this whole unfortunate situation had I read the Fine Print. (I’d give you the link, but to hell with them.)



And thus my struggle began and ended with the form letter from King Google. “We’re sorry…” And two years later I’m still working to “monetize” but it appears that’s going to be through publishing books and not through advertising. I hope Amazon treats me with a bit more compassion and human interaction. I’m not sure who’s up in the Google AdSense Click-Fraud Enforcement Division, but they’ve never given me any kind of human response. Just the form letter.

“Speak to the hand. Try again if you like, but we may ignore your future requests. Thanks. Love, Google.”

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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