GOOGLE ADSENSE: Open Letter, Can We Start Over?

GOOGLE ADSENSE: Open Letter, Can We Start Over?

* Today I filed a formal appeal: Google AdSense Appeal 2015

Dear Google AdSense Authorities,

It’s been over two years since you killed my hopes and dreams of making this website a source of mailbox money. I’ve been working hard for six years, doing everything by the book, writing, promoting, and doing social media along with everyone else. Don’t you think it’s time you UNFREEZE my account?

A few things I learned, even from a week of AdSense participation.

  1. It’s not much money.
  2. I started thinking about clicks rather than what was important to write about.
  3. I sort of started whoring myself out.
  4. Maybe I have more authority and credit for NOT selling ads on this site.

Still I think we could do some good work together. I’ve given you all of my stats. (Google Analytics) I’ve shown you my traffic and clicks for the week in question, when I was in MEXICO, btw. I’ve pleaded my case five times so far and gotten only your sad form letter.

Please reconsider our breakup. It makes both of us look bad. You, because you don’t respond as a human but only as a NO-BOT. Me, because as I’m trying to show businesses and individuals how to use social media, I have been timed-out by Google. It just looks bad.


  • I promise I will never click on a link without the Publishers Extension installed and active.
  • I promise I will never use spammy techniques to try and drive clicks.
  • I promise I will never use click-bots or overseas spammers to flood my account or your clickstream.

Give me a chance. What do you say? I know I don’t have much traffic, and I know no human will probably read my request for reinstatement, but I’m doing the best I can to get your attention.

Thank You,

John McElhenney

PS: I promise to quit referring to you as King Google and using pictures of the Death Star to represent you.


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.22.58 PM


Pretty much the same answer I got the last 5 times I appealed their ruling. See Denied By Google. And I guess today, this is the end of this saga. I’ll move along now and keep my integrity.

See ya Google AdSense, we hardly knew ya.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Read the entire Google AdSense and YouTube saga.

I’m leaving this trail of bread crumb clues for any human that comes along, so they can learn from my mistakes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 1.56.48 PM

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  1. One approach is to take the knee before King Google and beg forgiveness. The other is to join the Rebel Alliance and just make money despite them and their imperialistic policies.

  2. Thanks Scott. I think you are right. I’ve asked for forgiveness. But I do think I was starting to pimp for clicks a bit the week AdSense was turned on. Now this Rebel thing you mention, where do I sign up for that?

  3. Not sure you want to — it involves an army of droids. 🙂

  4. Taking the knee and throwing yourself upon the Google altar will get you nowhere. Ever thought of going native?

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