Google+ Death Watch Madness – Um Get a Grip, G+ Is Alive and Well

Google+ Death Watch Madness – Um Get a Grip, G+ Is Alive and Well

Um, pardon me, but the loss of a single (even amazing) leader does not mean the end of an entire division or strategy for Google, or any other company. I’m going to review a few things we know and don’t know about the recent freak out reports that Google+ is going away. [Thoughts started in this post are continued here:  Google+ The Next Big Thing: How Does Your Profile Look? ]

Google+ is Walking Dead

First, Google has a much bigger strategy for G+ than simply becoming a Facebook competitor. That concept is small thinking. And while we can count the number of shuttered Google products and strategies on both hands and feet, G+ and the G+ platform are not going anywhere. And here’s why.

Google Plus

  • is a launching pad (platform) for all of Google’s services
  • is a content distribution system, not a social network (though it sometimes looks like a social network or Facebook competition)
  • is part of a bigger plan that includes Google Apps, GMail, Google Search, Google Hangouts (video conferencing) and AdWords/AdSense.
  • has much better click-through than Twitter or Facebook
  • has a pretty good system of grouping connections into different groups
  • has a strong effect on search results and page rank (meaning: PPC and Adwords pricing and profits)
  • was made even more important by Google Search’s Hummingbird update

So, if you think the departure of the G+ visionary means Google Plus is going the way of Google Wave, I’ve got a few more things to share with you.

We all know Facebook is dying too, right? Wrong! The media loves to hype the death knell for Facebook too. It gets more attention than say a new pricing structure for cloud services. And so, Google Plus is the new “sky is falling” media story of the day. From Mashable to TechCrunch and beyond, the big story is “what’s happening to Google+?”

And what about Google On Air Hangouts? A key media production force that can stream a web conference to a nearly unlimited number of people, and then make it available for viewing later. All powered and supported by the YouTube brand and infrastructure. Do you think YouTube is going anywhere other than UP?

It’s fine to wonder what is up, what is the plan, for Google+ now that the visionary is gone. But beginning the funeral dirge is a bit irresponsible. I can assure you, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, and Twitter will be doing just fine 5 years from now.

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  1. I see a lot of people are latching on to Vic’s departure to assume it means something negative for G+. We get it, you hate Google or G+.

    Yet all I hear when I see so many people trying to inject meaning into something that they cannot possibly know (as no real details have been released) all I see is a lot of silly angst.

    The head of a department leaving doesn’t indicate a negative any more than Rubin leaving as head of Android indicated its demise..quite the opposite in fact.

    For whatever reason some folks are so emotionally against the idea of G+ succeeding that they can’t seem to cope with the fact that others do use and enjoy the service.

    Maybe its time to stop assuming negative press equates with reality as all indications are that G+ continues to grow at a steady rate.

    And how about some perspective. G+ is not even three years old and its a solid number 2 social. Facebook took 4 years to even catch MySpace.

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