6 Step Twitter Growth Process: Results of my #SXSW Uber-Follow Plan +753

I put my 6-step Twitter Growth Process in action at the beginning of SXSW this year. Grow my followers by following, following, following. It’s a boring and tedious process. But it’s one of the ways to build your networks of influence. Let’s look at the results and a few of the consequences of my evil plan(tm).

After 3 days I’ve added 562 followers to my flock. And the 13th was really the wrap on the SXSW conference.My #sxsw Twitter Growth Plans

Of course as attendees got back to their hometowns and regular jobs their business of cleaning up their Twitter accounts would begin. So let’s see what’s happened by Sunday morning, March 18.

So almost 200 adds after the end of the conference, even after I had ended my aggressive following campaign.

You can check my LIVE RESULTS if you want to see the interactive version: Twittercounter-jmacofearth

Here’s the recap of the SIX STEP PROCESS for building your Twitter influence.

1. Find and Follow Influencers. (I started my SXSW Intensive Follow Yesterday)

2. Find and Follow pockets of like-minded Tweeters. (I used SXSW as my like-minded target group)

3. Provide consistent content in your tweets.

4. Hit your following limit every day.

5. Unfollow methodically using a tool. Keep the Tweeps you like, discard the uninteresting.

I will do this later today and report my results tomorrow. The tool ManageFlitter can help you unfollow large groups of people at a time. What you want to do, however is sort the influencers OUT of your UNFOLLOW LIST. While I have not paid for ManageFlitter yet, I am considering it. A PRO version allows you to White List certain followers to keep from unfollowing them accidentally.

6. Rinse and Repeat.

The only downside to this program is I end up following a lot of people I don’t have any interest in listening to. Now begins the process of the selective Unfollow. When I had my following down to 3oo people I really enjoyed a good signal-to-noise ratio. I found I was much more interested in checking in.

Check in tomorrow for the unfollow report, as I start dropping the majority of followers from our mutual follow relationship. My guess is about 40% will unfollow me back for unfollowing them.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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  1. I find this method works, but man, it takes time to grow like this. I wish there was a more viral way of increasing Twitter follower growth.

    1. You are right, it’s a pain in the ass. HI STEPHANIE!

  2. Thank you @jmacofearth for the Twitter insights. Question,how do you find the big cheese Influencers ?

    1. Well, that’s the magic trick, now isn’t it. Follow many, watch their tweets, keep following if they provide value. If they don’t jettison them quickly.

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