Guy Kawasaki Phone Home Your Integrity Is Calling < Ghost Tweeting Anyone?

Guy Kawasaki Phone Home Your Integrity Is Calling < Ghost Tweeting Anyone?

Dear Guy Kawasaki,

On the 4th of July you created a new How I Tweet post. Well done. I think the first one, Just the FAQs was better written, but that’s just me.

You make one comment in your newest post that needs clarification. When asked why people attack you for using Ghostwriters for your tweeting you respond, “Answer: Most are angry, little “SEO experts” who cannot generate content, so they try to generate controversy in order to drive traffic to their blogs or get other angry, little people to follow them.

You know this is not true. I have been a vocal opponent of anyone using ghosttweeters, but I am not an angry SEO expert. I am someone who believes in honest communication and honest use of Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIN whatever. And your Ghost Tweets suck. No way to slice it otherwise. You can defend WHY you do it, but it does not validate the lie. If the post comes from @GuyKawasaki it should come from YOU! The other four people, no matter how interesting they are, cannot represent your mind or your filter. They can hit a few good ones, but mostly it’s just MORE TWEETS.

Your answer about the value of Ghosttweeters is interesting as well, “My attitude is: “As long as the tweets are good, why does it matter who posted them?

And that also is a lie. It DOES MATTER. The vocal opposition to YOUR ghosttweeting is specifically voiced to YOU the REAL GUY KAWASAKI and if you can’t see that you have blinded yourself to the reality of the situation.

We the people who follow and love Guy K do not want tweets from others added in to the mix, “because they are good.” I waste my time writing about the inane posts of your ghost tweeters, but they are not “good.” Often they are irrelevant and my mind blips, WHY DO I CARE ABOUT POST MENOPAUSAL WOMEN’S SEXUAL APPETITES? And I notice that all FOUR of your Ghosts are women. (Hmmm.)

They are not you. And I am not an angry SEO expert. Nor am I merely hoping to attract new followers by voicing my dissent of your abuse of the public trust. You can not rationalize or answer away the fact that every Tweet with a ghost’s initials at the end of it is NOT GUY KAWASAKI. So let your followers decide. Set up a @GUYGANG or @GUYSCREW (something about that one I like, sorry no apostrophes in user names) or @GUYANDCO and let us get back to the pure @GUYKAWASAKI.

You are using your brand as a marketing vehicle. For whatever, AllTop, Adjix… You are an important leader in technology and now social media. And now you are showing everyone that it’s okay to use your name as a Twitter identity and the fill it with whatever you like, cause we’ll follow anything. You have to proclaim and defend YOUR TRUTH over and over that this practice is okay. You even provide a nice search to allow people to filter the crap out of the GuyKawasaki stream. Well, thank you for that, but it should not be necessary if you Got Real again.

So as you renew your commitment to filling your tweetstream with bogus links and “good tweets” I will continue to tell you how disappointed I am that you continue to come up snake eyes!

Yes you can say UFM, but I want to Follow GK not GK+.


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