How Do I Hang Up My Android Phone? Day Three

Of all the things that are great about the Android phone, there are a few fennicky bits that bug the c**p out of me.

While I’m talking on the phone the screen dims, as it should, but I can’t figure out how to initiate the hang up of a call from the phone. I click on the button to re-light the screen, but there is no hangup button available. I go to task killer to see if the phone is still running. I quit all non-essential tasks. But when I click on the VoiceMail button it says, “You cannot listen to a voice mail while on a phone call.” What tha? I’m not on a call any more, am I?

I probably need some app called HANG UP.

And today my Navigation app churned for 15 minutes trying to find a location where I needed to go. Fortunately I was at a hotspot with my computer and I used Google maps to find the location and draw a map on a piece of paper. And the GPS/Navigation churned and churned. It was still searching for address when I arrived at the location. (Glad I wasn’t dependent on it 100%)

Turns out a friend had given me the address wrong. There was no 4108 on this street. It was 1301, actually. But the navigation app never let me know it was having problems, it simply kept searching. [That reminds me, I need to turn OFF the GPS. I understand it’s a major battery drain. Done! Whew, feeling better now.]

So I’m not so sure I love the sound quality of the Samsung Transform. I might need to turn up the volume or something, but it doesn’t seem very clear. I’ll leave judgement on that one for a bit longer.

I am using Google’s free offer to transcribe my voicemail for 30 days for free. And so far it’s been pretty good. I might switch over to Google Voice since I have an account there. I’m thinking about setting that number up as my LANDLINE, even though I won’t have a landline. (grin)

And the last thing I really need to sort out is CONTACTS. On day one I synced my contacts from Google Contact and now I have some 600+ contacts on my phone. UG! I really need about 30, max. So I’ve got to figure out how to reconfigure my Google Contacts and only load my CLOSE folks. And then I’ve got to add some of the people who I put in my BB in the two weeks before I switched. I didn’t do a formal sync with Google before turning it off. I still have the phone, so retrieving will be easy. But I’m not sure if I will do the adding and configuring on my laptop with the Google Contacts app and then re-sync, well, yes I do actually. That’s what I am planning to do. Do the work on the laptop and get the phone to follow my lead.

Day three is humming along. My battery app says I’m at 72%. And with GPS and Location specific software all off, I’m sure I’ll be fine into the evening without concern. But I certainly have to watch the battery on this thing. My Blackberry could go for 2 -3 days on standby. But since I’ve seen this phone die from a full battery in less than two hours, I know “killing tasks” and practicing good power management is an essential part of the Android learning curve.

My son asked, on a scale of one to ten, how difficult is the phone to set up. “About a 5,” I said. You’ve got to WANT to tinker with it. It does not come out of the box ready to run. And that’s some of the fun and some of the hell of using an Android phone. Bottom line: It’s not an iPhone. But what is?


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