How Was Your Weekend: D’ja Blog Much? #blogathonATX (it’s a wrap!)

As part of BlogathonATX I spent a good part of Saturday writing in a room filled with other people. There was SOME talking, but there was a room for that. Thanks to the radially social idea from @IleenieWeenie we packed the Conjunctured co-working space in East Austin with breakfast tacos, cupcakes, mostly Macs, coffee, and later (I hear) Tito’s Vodka and beer. I was blogged out by 3:30. Not that I didn’t write a few extras in the evening and yesterday. But my little fingers were finding a rhythm on Saturday. And so were many other people’s fingers.

Here’s my idea list and links to the posts that I wrote between 9am – 3pm. With conversation and consumables in between.

  1. The state of disconnect (done)
  2. Rock Body, Pudding Brain (done)
  3. A Deep Breath: An Emergency Pause (done)
  4. A First Date; or ReDating; or Offline Dating (I wrote this one, but can’t share it here – IM me if you want to see it)
  5. The new non-erogenous zones, that are kind of a turn on
  6. Entering the cone of silence (done)
  7. We are what we write (read, RSS, TXT)
  8. Oversharing, overblogging, overtweeting (TMI)
  9. I stopped following you months ago (already wrote this one – repost)
  10. Going short (are you what you can communicate in 140c?) (done)
  11. Are you a mobile blogger (Going mobile?)
  12. At least one good Just Click It (Links) Post (done)
  13. Something I know NOTHING about: Contemplating a Tattoo
  14. Creating an infinite loop with RSS feeds (weird science you can do on your own)
  15. Together Alone (already wrote this one, repost)
  16. What if I wrote a book instead of all this ceaseless blogging?
  17. Life may indeed be a race

I might come back to this list, but believe me, I have others.

Thanks again to @IleenieWeenie and the sponsors who kept the party going all day. And here’s our fearless organizer’s final thoughts on the event.


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