What IS The Cloud: What Do I Care if I’m On a Cloud or a Web Server?

What IS The Cloud: What Do I Care if I’m On a Cloud or a Web Server?

considering the cloud for your smbWhat’s causing the explosion of data? What’s causing big data? Is there something that you could do with Big Data that would change your business model for the better?

Systems of Record vs Systems of Engagement

Systems of Record:

  • Salesforce
  • Google: Gmail, Docs
  • Oracle
  • Sharepoint

Systems of Engagement:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Txt & Messaging

And within your Mobile Data Cloud there are two very interesting datapoints that everyone wants access to.

  • Mobile GPS data – where are you?
  • Mobile datastream – what are you doing?

There is a huge gap in connectivity between your systems of record and your systems of engagement. Big Data is about brining those clouds of data back together. Ideally to serve you better, in practice to server the Data Marketers better. Who is paying for your FREE cloud? And why are they paying for you to have all this great stuff? What does Google get by providing you with FREE docs and FREE voice services?

Critical Imperatives from the Cloud

  • 34% of IT Projects deploy late
  • Built in expertise – simplified systems
  • 90% of IT Projects will be moving to the cloud in the near future


Different Cloud Patterns: use cases that are anticipated by the cloud systems to handle normal and abnormal routines. The pattern recognition helps efficiently manage the IT infrastructure behind the scenes.

Real-time highly concurrent information processes. (Sounds like my mind, when I’m trying to multi-task.)

Speeds, feeds, data scanning, ram, cores, bandwidth, db2, compute cycles… ZZZZZ.

Is anyone doing something BETTER than AMAZON Cloud Services? The man next to me says that Amazon provides 80% of all cloud services today. DANG!

So everyone is talking cloud. IBM’s chatting me up about Pure Systems. I worked on the launch of Microsofts AZURE. And interviewed with HP’s Cloud team here in Austin. And Rackspace in San Antonio. Wow, I’m deep into the cloud. I’m not an influencer… but we are all dependent on THE CLOUD.

But seriously, we don’t want the buzz and hype. We just want the cloud to work. If it works, there’s not problem. And with Amazon, unless they mess up, their’s no reason to SWITCH.

What are the reasons to SWITCH?

  • Customer Service
  • Price/Performance
  • Security and Uptime Performance

But again, unless something is broken in you cloud, you won’t notice that you’re now in the cloud. And that’s okay. We started out calling the Internet, the Cloud. All this buzz about CLOUD sounds to me, as a brand guy, like more BRANDING. WEB HOSTING = CLOUD.

I don’t care if my data is in the CLOUD, in my phone, or on my son’s X-Box, I just want my data to work. As long as that’s not a problem… Well, a lot of giants are our to slay the Amazon EC. But until their phone support and customer service works even half as well as Amazon’s, good luck in that fight.

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