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IF half of the eBooks and downloadable “definitive guides” actually contained the HOW-TOs that we need to get results, well… we’d all be experts and rich. But the fact is Googling SEO Best Practices is not going to get you the experience and help you avoid the pitfalls of online marketing.

I have downloaded so many eBooks, mostly to see what the competition (for eBooks) was up to, that I have a whole folder of them. And guess what, I’ve opened about 10% of them. Many of them contained valuable information. And depending on the source, any of these guides could be a great starting point for building your campaign (SEO, SEM, eMail). And case studies about as well, for some of the biggest names in the business.

But after you’ve digested the guides and successes of others, you still have to do the more critical work of setting up the campaigns and KPIs that will show the performance of your program. Getting in and defining Adwords campaigns or Google Analytics funnels is a bit more tricky than any of the just-in-time information will explain.

For example if you have a simple entry point to your ecommerce website, and a very simple call to action that results in a sale, and that is 100% of what you want to count as a win, things might be very easy to configure and set up. But the tools in GA don’t always work perfectly, and they are always changing. And what about the longer sales cycles? Or the incremental wins? Of course downloading a spec sheet is not as valuable as filling out a sales lead form, but it has some value.

So with all of these guides you can get oriented to the best practices and what has worked for the companies willing to share their process with the public. Of course, analytics is about the past performance. The trick, and the one that takes experience and creative ideas is what to do next. You have to understand what the drivers of your campaign are and know how to make adjustments to improve the performance. Then you have to keep adding new ideas into the marketing mix. There are no silver bullet formulas that will work for every business. Even if something is working today, does not mean it will work tomorrow.

Social and digital marketing is all about coming up with new ideas for engagement and attention. Only through experience actually running these campaigns will you understand all the moving parts that can affect performance.

Go get the eBooks and get started. When you need help, I’m here for consulting to get things tuned up, revitalized, and performing.

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