iPhone 3G S Day: What’s in a Twitter Meme? Stacking Up with the BB and Pre

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You don’t need to be able to read the data to see the heat around apple’s iPhone G3 (as)S today. Tweeps are reporting lines, upgrades, fun, hate, love. But most of all people are tweeting the hell out of iPhone. And if I recall, palm released some amazing new device this week as well. The PRE swan song.

I am a current BB holder. I lust after an iPhone but loathe ATT. [Anyone have experience jailbreaking a G3 (as)S yet?]

Any way you slice it, the Twitter Meme is cutting hard against the PRE. [Perhaps they shouldn’t have dissed Twurley’s Pre-Dev Camp idea.] I WAS a huge fan of the Palm OS. My favorite phone to-date was still a samsung palm phone I had 4-5 years ago. Better than my BB 6700g, better than my Pearl w/video capabilities (which I recently lost), better than… Well, probably not better than an iPhone. But I can’t say…

And here’s the rub. I am ready to jump off T-Mobile entirely. But ATT? That’s the only way to go? Gross. And CREDO (an extension brand of the Working Assets brand) has a buy-out plan that will pay $200 PER LINE, to get me out of my T-Mobile contract. I can zoom the fam over to a new service, get new phones for next to nothing and still not have an iPhone. But they’re gonna pay me $600 to do it. And I’ll pay WHAT for the ass phone? $300. And at least $99 for my wife to get an iPhone. And put MOM on a new FREE phone. So I’m looking at a $1,000 delta.

A $1,000! >#[email protected]!

I guess no iPhone for me just yet. But I am gonna get a Blackberry Curve to replace my old beater. And what’s that going to cost me, you ask. ZERO $99!

I’ll keep lusting after an iPhone for a bit and using Opera Mobile to browse on my BB. But I’ll be looking over your shoulder when you’re using your iPhone. Cause they’re just so damn cool.

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