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Capsized Cruise Ship in Italy, 2012It’s a black black day on the net today in protest of the crappy legislation SOPA/PIPA. If the social media community can’t derail this, we can’t derail nothin! Do your part, visit http://stopsopa.com and add your name. And don’t try going to Wikipedia or about a million other sites that are blacked out today. That said, there are some tabs that are burning up some of my mind cycles and I want to get them logged and posted before I explode. I need to get back to “work,” thank you. ALSO: Find your government official who supports SOPA and PIPA and give’m hell.

BBC’s Coverage of the modern day Titanic in Italy.
View of the stricken cruise ship which ran aground and capsized near the island of Giglio in Italy on 13 January. The image was taken on 17 January. (And I am compelled to ask, “How the F could this happen in 2012?”) What Happened on the Costa Concordia (BBC) and finally the amazingly beautiful and horrifying pictures.

Learning From Big Social Media Blunders (Ad Age)
The list is entertaining and disheartening. Entertaining because of the shenanigans and plain idiotic social media mistakes committed by some very smart people. Disheartening because nervous businesses considering social media may unduly focus on the blunders and ignore the benefits.

Design Your Schedule So Your Creative Duties Are When You’re Tired (Lifehacker)
Ever wonder why that brilliant idea always comes right before you fall asleep or when you’re standing half awake in the shower? According to a recent study in the journal Thinking & Reasoning it’s because you’re more creative when you’re feeling groggy.

Pinterest Invites (ReadWriteWeb)
It seems everyone can’t enough of Pinterest, and for a social networking site which is still invite-only, it’s managed to garner over 6 million monthly users, and receives millions of hits per week.

Twitter Follower: How Did You Find Me Here? (a new twitter follower)
Today a pretty woman from Toronto followed me on Twitter. No big deal. But when I looked at her Twitter profile I saw that she was following exactly 10 people and had tweeted once. So I asked her, how did you find me and why did you follow? Perhaps it’s a vanity question, or a flirt. (But she IS in Toranto, Canada) I am awaiting her reply. She may n0t be hip to @ messages yet. Perhaps I should DM her… (grin) I’ll let you know what she says, in the meantime, don’t over whelm her with follows, okay?

A Twitter Crush with a Canadian

5 Ways Content Marketing Connects Brands and Customers (1 to 1 Media)
The concept of content marketing may be well-known, but as technology develops, content has progressed with it. Instead of mere words, content marketers now produce videos, podcasts, slideshows, and other forms of evolving media that are designed to attract and engage customers via a variety of channels.

4 Ways Hyperlocal Vendors Are Helping Merchants Run Efficient Campaigns (Street Fight)
1) Getting in the weeds. 2) Equipping them with hardware. 3) Hanging out shingles. 4) Doing it for them.

Are You Open to the World or Trapped Inside a Marketing Bubble? (Ad Age)
I had conversations with two very different CMOs last week. One was collaborative and wide-ranging. The other meeting, which the CMO had postponed twice (I’d first scheduled it in August), lasted less than half an hour. We shared our time with his smartphone, which he dutifully checked the many times it beeped, and he was clearly preoccupied.

Pinterest, Ticketmaster, 60 Others Demo Open Graph Websites and Apps That Auto-Publish To Facebook (TechCrunch)
Facebook’s Open Graph app launch event is about to start here in San Francisco, where the company will demo over 60 new Open Graph websites and apps that can publish user activity back to Timeline and Ticker. (OPINION: All we need is more AUTO-PUBLISHING within Facebook! Oh please, and I’m guessing we can’t turn it off! Again, a big thing for FB is going to be a downer for “communicating” using facebook. Soon it will ALL be ADS.)

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