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EARLY EDITION: This morning I woke up at 5am thinking it was 6am. Imagine my surprise when I had written for an hour and I still had another hour before I had to get the kids up for school. Well, even with an extra hour the tabs of useful information start opening up, even at 5 in the morning. Here are some social and social media topics you should be on top of. (Note: If I could read all of these articles from start to finish, I’d probably be an “expert” of some kind. Oh, gotta go…)

The New Twitter Brand Page - Coke example - 2012

Twitter Will Start To Function More Like Facebook On Feb. 1 (Business Insider)
Those pages will give brands the ability to build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments, allowing users to play games or shop on a brand’s site without actually leaving the Twitter environment.

Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch (Fast Company)
Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions, and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation. A strong culture flourishes with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way a company operates.

10 Amazing Blogging Insights Your Analytics Can Tell You (HubSpot)
We know businesses that blog more than 20 times per month generate 5 times more traffic than businesses that blog fewer than 4 times per month (they also generate 4 times more leads than businesses that don’t blog at all!).

Pondering: Always Do Your Best (Peg Fitzpatrick)“Stay in the present moment” // “Keep your attention on today, and stay in the present moment. This is the beginning of a new understanding. A new dream.”

Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology (The Onion, as in not-real)
Responding to recent public outcries over its handling of private data, search giant Google offered a wide-ranging and eerily well-informed apology to its millions of users Monday.

Dear Google: Crappy Results Like This Don’t Give The Impression You Care About Search (Search Engine Land) The debate about what should — and shouldn’t — show in a Google search result for “santorum” has been well-documented, at this point. But I’d like to use this now famous search to illustrate something else: how it appears Google is taking its eye off the ball of being a search engine.

SEO Checklist: 60 essential checks before launching a website (WebSEO)
Having well written/optimized texts and using the right keywords right is extremely important in SEO. Make sure that before launching your website, you can give a positive answer to all the questions below

Webtrends Previews TNS Digital Life Study Insights at Engage 2011 (Yahoo Finance!)
The report examines the challenges and opportunities presented to senior marketers as digital has now become the mainstream mode for engaging with consumers.

Pinterest and the Power of Social Bookmarking: Tag Yourself (Web Design is Dead) (uber.la)
We no longer browse websites, travelling down some architected sitemap and taxonomy towards the goal. NOPE. Google is our index, and search is our rapid retrieval and navigation system. Except Google isn’t all that good at remembering or organizing our stuff.

2 Different Tales of Blog Growth (ProBlogger)
Here on ProBlogger, the only real tipping point-type event that I can identify is when I mentioned in an interview I did on another blog that I was earning six figures a year from my blogging. Back then (it was 2005), nobody was making money from blogs (or if they were, they weren’t talking about it) so it was news that quickly got passed around.

Social Media ROI and the Metrics That Don’t Matter (Business 2 Community)
If you’re engaging in social media marketing simply because it’s all the rage, you’re probably not being effective. But for now, here are the 3 social media metrics that you don’t need.

Twitter To Censor Tweets In Some Countries (Huffington Post)
The additional flexibility announced Thursday is likely to raise fears that Twitter’s commitment to free speech may be weakening as the short-messaging company expands into new countries in an attempt to broaden its audience and make more money.

You Probably Don’t Have a Social Media Expert (E Content)
An expert is someone that has mastered a topic and/or specialty. So while the world of social media continues to evolve, how can one accomplish mastery of something that isn’t done evolving?

The Truth About Marketing Online As a Network Marketer (Anton’s Posterous)
It’s no secret that the Internet is becoming very crowded with the noise from people who want to constantly share their business opportunity.  Marketing online from facebook to twitter to massive email and mobile marketing spam messages, everyone is trying to get your attention to beg you to buy their product or partner with them.

Facebook Correlated with Low Self Esteem (Mediapost)
If you’ve ever felt like everyone else on Facebook seems to be having more fun than you, well, you’re not alone, according to a new study

Measuring ROI: How to Collect Meaningful PPC Conversion Data (Search Engine Land)
However, a “call now” primary action makes conversion and return on investment (ROI) tracking significantly more difficult because Google Analytics is unable to determine if the call actually lead to real revenue. The inability to track revenue can become crippling to those tasked with managing a campaign.

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