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What about the Super Bowl(tm) in 2012The Super Bowl(tm) has come and gone. And Mr. Brady did not add to his ring collection. It was a fairly well-played game. And the advertisers cannot be happier about that. Even the 4th quarter buyers got their audience numbers, if not their money’s worth. Let’s look at the links that will keep you on top of social media innovations for the coming week, as we move into the time-without-football. Here are your HOT LINKS OF THE WEEK.

SuperBowl XLVI Sets Two Twitter Records (Technorai)
Twitter metrics show that SuperBowl XLVI set two new records for most tweets per second, claiming the 2nd and 3rd spot on the top list. At the end of the game Sunday night between the Giants and the Patriots, Twitter showed that there were 12,233 tweets per second, claiming the number two spot. Just after that in the number three spot is Madonna at the half time show with 10,245 tweets per second. That’s enough to put Madonna back into the spotlight for another few months hey? You have to admit, she did pretty good.

Instant Replay: See All the Super Bowl Spots Again and Again (Ad Age)
No idea why you’d want to, but the ads are all still preserved on the net for your voting pleasure.

Super Bowl Backlash: The Five Most-Debated Commercials (Ad Week)
While most of the mainstream media has been buzzing inanely about M.I.A.’s middle finger, the night’s commercials sparked their share of hand-wringing and name-calling as well.

Love, Valentine’s Day Marketing, and Computers: Dell vs. Apple Marketing (uber.la)
Dell believes you should love them back for their discounted products. Apple believes you love their products and you should give them to someone else you love.

CMOs With Skin in the Game Tell Us How They Spent Their Super Bowl (Ad Age)
With millions of ad dollars and the chance to dramatically affect consumers’ views of your business on the line, we had to ask, “Is it any fun at all to be a marketer in the Super Bowl?” The answer is, “Yes, as long as you can multitask.”

How Many Posts Should You Write Each Week? (daily blog tips)
Many experts advised posting daily – to increase traffic and keep readers hooked. And many popular blogs do post every day (at least on weekdays).  < we do!

In a New Era for Marketing, Parental Discretion Advised (Harvard Business Review)
Provided with plenty of comparable alternatives, the consumer will choose to patronize the brand owned by the company they hold in higher esteem.

Taking Twitter to the MAX: New Twitter Tags Could Help Sort Through the Noise (uber.la)
Why doesn’t Twitter create some new tagging characters?

Beware Of Following The Gospel Of Minimalism, Preached By Apple (Fast Co. Design)
The company has become so synonymous with both good design and minimalism that most people assume those two things are one and the same. They’re not: You can have good design that’s fanciful and wacky; likewise, you can have minimalist design that’s horrible.

Four Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs (Marketing Profs)
Many webmasters make common keyword research mistakes and are later surprised that their campaigns are not producing results. They have all the technical details, data, scope, and so on, but one small mistake sinks the entire ship.

How to Use Pinterest for Business (Dave Delaney)
The incredibly popular social bookmarking (err “pinning”) site now produces more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined!

Pinterest Produces More Referral Traffic Than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube Combined (Social Times)
The chart is below and shows Pinterest responsible for 3.6% of all January referral traffic, which is impressive considering Pinterest had only 0.17% in July of last year.

Can Komen Recover From PR Crisis? (Ad Age)
Controversial Move, Confused Communication Damaged Reputation; Now Stability of Ties With Corporate Sponsors Hangs in the Balance.

Reshape Your Sales Effort with Inbound Marketing (Hubspot PowerPoint Presentation)
These guys are the best inbound marketers in the country. Here is their latest presentation with the latest data and calls to action.

OPINION: It was a huge week, finishing or beginning (depending on how you split your calendar) with last night’s Super Bowl(tm) Ad Fest. And what is certain, social media came out the winner in a number of efforts. But the work is not done. While Komen has backed down from their original Planed Parenthood divorce, they are not saying they will reinstate the grants. And regardless of how you feel about the pro-life vs. pro-choice issue, the damage to Komen’s brand has been done. It was swift and punitive. And the web flexed some serious muscles. We are entering an era where activism on the web may in fact have some real world impact. Where Haiti and Egypt proved the power of social networks, the current issues are showing that the social mind is begging to coalesce and take physical action in the world. This is going to be an interesting week.

My Thoughts on the social mind: Social Media Mind Wakes Up and Flexes Its Muscular Influence: SOPA, Komen, and OWS

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