Just Click It (links) 9-22-10 measuring social media, evaluating SMART Objectives, Twitter Antibodies

How To Coax Social Media Insights From Google Analytics
Google Analytics (GA) is good at counting things. You can’t ask GA how your social networkfeels about you; it doesn’t get the concept of feeling. You can ask it to count how many people click on links in your social media posts.

What Role Should A Communications Agency Play In A Client’s Social Media Program?
Honestly, this topic could be career suicide for a PR agency flack that believes social media content needs to be driven by internal resources. This could also be seen as very self-serving for an agency type claiming that an outside resource brings an independent perspective that is required in social media.

The Most Influential Consumers Online are on Twitter
Twitter is less of a social network in its design and operation and more of a series of interconnected social nicheworks. It brings together disparately connected personalities linked through friendship, admiration, education, and context. Here individuals align around people they know, would like to know, and bound by the topics, themes, and connections that attract them. This highly contextualized network, or as Twitter refers to it, an Interest Graph, offers individuals an organized, indexable, and searchable stream where they express sentiment, share observations and information, and also directly and indirectly communicate with one another.

Twitter ‘antibodies’ help kill worms, says researcher
“Social networks have built-in antibodies…their users,” said Sean Sullivan of the Finnish security company F-Secure. “Compare the Twitter attack to a malicious attack of yesteryear that took weeks or even months to develop. This peaked and ebbed in two and a half hours,” Sullivan said.

Can you be following too many people you don’t care about?
We bring it on ourselves, for the most part. No one forces you to click “Follow” or “Subscribe”. And that guilty feeling you get when you scrub through your Twitter timeline, skipping over name after name? Yeah, that’s you, not someone else poking at your heart with an imaginary feeling of obligation. I feel it too, trust me. But it’s my fault. I can easily unfollow those people I’m tired of seeing in my bubble. But I’m afraid I’ll “miss something”, you know?

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools
A pretty good list of resources if you don’t know’m get’m. 1. Google Reader; 2. Disqus; 3. Hootsuite; 4. Tweetdeck; 5. Tweepi; 6. Yfrog; 7. Hubspot Grader; 8. Google Analytics; 9. Klout; 10. Delicious.

Measuring Progress And Success On Your Blog
Measuring and tracking the success of your blog analytically isn’t nearly as difficult. In fact if you are tracking the proper items surrounding your blog you will be able to gauge your success and momentum allowing you to alter your strategy if need be or push harder the direction you’re going.

10 Signs That Work+Life Flexibility Is Strategic, Not Just a Feel-Good Program

How to tell if your Company is Advanced: 10 Criteria Of Social Business Maturity
Excited about your new Facebook page but don’t know what’s next?  What does a truly advanced company look like in social business?  They can say yes to seven or more of these ten criteria.

The Champagne Test: SMART Objectives
The other day I was involved in a huge debate over SMART objectives. This clever acronym was developed, and then grossly over-used, to describe a criteria for effective goal setting. Simply put, objectives ought to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

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