Just Click It: Monday 12-28-09 (Seriously? I have this week off? Blessings All.)

Mashable: HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy
Just having a policy isn’t good enough — you need a plan to put it in place. Here are five areas to discuss when implementing a social media strategy.

The PEW Research Center: Current Decade Rates as Worst in 50 Years
Internet, Cell Phones Are Changes for the Better

NYTimes: Phillip Niemeyer | Picturing the Past 10 Years

Marketing Sherpa: Consumer Behavior in the Mobile Channel: 4 Trends Marketers Should Note
Consumer use of advanced mobile technologies is on the rise, and marketers need to understand this behavior to develop their mobile marketing strategies. via @shoogie

Government Allowed Plane Bomber to Attempt Attack
A passenger who boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 253 in Amsterdam with attempted plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab says the would-be terrorist had no passport and was aided by a sharp-dressed man who claimed Mutallab was a Sudanese refugee, just one of a plethora of startling inconsistencies surrounding an incident that has led to ramped up security and increased levels of harassment in airports.

Advice for Healthcare Marketers to Start 2010 Right — Free eBook
Twelve industry bloggers to give their view on a deceptively simple question: “what would you recommend as the top learning strategies for Pharma and Healthcare marketers in 2010?

Watch VCs Torture Entrepreneurs!
For its holiday greeting, VC firm First Round Capital created a vide featuring its various startup entrenprenuers  — including the teams at Xobni and Mint.com

Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg
A (four day old now) spoof of all the “making of Avatar” videos out there. It makes fun of James Cameron’s 15 year journey to create Avatar. And yes, telesync versions of Avatar are available on BitTorrent now. And watching it that way is nothing at all like watching the movie in a theater in 3D.

Ruben’s Tube (YouTube science experience with FIRE!)
The classic physics experiment involving sound, a tube of propane and fire. Created for Flash Forward 2006, but useful in any case where you are not allowed to have fire. I push through the tube …

How to Work a Crowd by Alexis Bauer (YouTube 5 minute presentation)
Ingnite: Control your own social fate and turn a room full of strangers into friends. via @michaelpearson

Texting Isn’t The Distraction, Driving Is: A Parable For Social Business
The revolution is happening before our eyes, but we don’t recognize it, because it’s incremental. It starts with driving. Cruise control transfers regulation of your car’s speed to a computer. In some models, you can upgrade to adaptive cruise control, which monitors the surrounding traffic by radar and adjusts your speed accordingly. If you drift out of your lane, an option called lane keeping assistance gently steers you back. For extra safety, you can get extended brake assistance, which monitors traffic ahead of you, alerts you to collision threats and applies as much braking pressure as necessary.

How Many Ideas Do You Show Your Clients?
I read somewhere that showing your client the full range of your creative ideas during a project is important, the rationale being that the client is entitled to see the ideas coming from the creative professional who they have hired and invested in. While this approach has some benefits, in some cases showing too many ideas is counter-productive to the natural flow of a project. Proof of how imaginative you are can be shown in other ways.

5 Reasons to Learn Social Media from the Search Engine Journal
Have you ever noticed how many bloggers and social media marketers just tell people that they should go out try social media? How you shouldn’t worry about learning social it? That you’ll learn it on the fly and everything will be fine.

Checking your marketing activities for flat tires
One of the least favorite things that I see while driving to work each day is cars that have flat tires.  Nearly always, the driver does not yet know. They are cruising at their normal speeds and switching lanes — all the while, they are only rolling on 3 wheels.

What Matters Now! E-Book Edited by Seth Godin
Exciting news from our friend and supporter Seth Godin. As of  this morning,   What Matters Now is available for download. What Matters Now is an e-book Seth has put together featuring exciting and innovative thinkers from many different fields discussing some of the key ideas and terms of the world today.

Viral Thing: The Top 10 FAILs of 2009 (how did TIME Magazine get in on the FAiL?

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1946999,00.html#ixzz0b1O8Hhhy

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