Just Click It: SAT 12-26-09 (is today Blue Saturday?)

image: google up and to the rightIf you don’t have a Google Analytics account you probably didn’t see this. But hey, it’s FREE, so why don’t you have a Google Analytics account? There’s a lot more you ain’t seein.

Apple’s New Tablet To Be Baptized iSlate? Let’s Dig A Little Deeper
Here’s what I think happened, based on the evidence presented above: Apple decided on the name iSlate for a new product it was working on, whether it will ultimately turn out to be for their new tablet computer or not, in November 2006. That same month, they moved to file for a trademark for the name in the United States and Europe under disguise, setting up and using Slate Computing LLC as a shell company, and securing a couple of available domain names through Mark Monitor (islate.co.uk, islate.biz and islate.info).But getting back into the swing of it. 😉

Welcome to The Sims Wiki! (my son has just started asking for Sims2)
The Sims database that anyone can edit! A collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to The Sims series. There are 3,250 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in February 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for The Sims series.

How to Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Is Effective
Is your LinkedIn profile as effective as it could be? While you can see your “profile completeness” score on your profile page, it doesn’t measure profile effectiveness — how good your profile is at attracting contacts, generating leads and showing off your skills. Use this checklist to ensure your profile is thorough, effective and updated.

The White Powder
CBS News quotes officials who say the Nigerian attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane over Detroit using PETN.

felica day, sings with iphone attached

Acoustic “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” @ w00tstock 1.1 LA (Felicia Day sings, iPhone never leaves her hand!)

Life Cycle
<visual art link>

Best of Cool Hunting 2009: Top Five Design Innovations
The relentless pace of innovation constantly inspires us, both with form and function, in this still new century. While the pace isn’t without its hazards, as we step lightly into the new decade, we see plenty of room for optimism. Below, we selected the designs covered on Cool Hunting this year that speak to the reason why.

10 of my favorite social media mentors
This week after the holidays is generally a little languid business-wise and I like to take some focused time to reflect on how my business has evolved over the last year and where it’s going next year. I do a lot of house-cleaning and organizing which really clarifies for me what my real focus has been and always generates a ton of ideas that either fell by the wayside because of “real work” or random thoughts morph into something really interesting.

Twitter as DWI deterrent in Texas! (someone needs to say to these guys, “What are ya drunk?” We’ll see how it goes.)
If you get busted for drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas, this holiday season, your neighbors may hear about it on Twitter. That’s because the local district attorney’s office has decided to publish the names of those charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Free Courses: 250 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
This collection includes over 250 courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.

Mashable does the Top Hashtags of 2009
2009 has also been a huge year for Twitter itself, as the network has rapidly become the sieve through which all real-time news and culture flows. Here, we break down the most influential topics that passed through Twitter this year, and discuss what they mean for users and the service itself.

16 Solutions to Manage Projects and Get Organized Online
A nice bin always comes in handy. In one way or another we are managing or organizing something each day. There’s no limit to the frustration that seems to be associated with that for some reason. But with there’s a lot more and a lot better ways to collaborate and go home early.

Why some smart people are reluctant to share?
I am sure you have seen many smart people around you who are reluctant to share what they know.

Mint Explains Why The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17.2 Percent
The U.S. unemployment numbers are out today, and most headlines will show that the U.S. unemployment rate in November was 10.0 percent, down from 10.2 percent in October. That number is depressingly large, but even that under-counts the true number of unemployed. For instance, it doesn’t count those people who don’t have a job and have given up looking for one, or those who have found marginal part-time work but still can’t make ends meet and are still looking for a full-time job.

Top tweeted question of the day. Should be ban the use of photoshop from some advertising?

The woman’s view: Should We Ban Photoshop for Certain Fashion Ads?
Outraged by the social effects—perceived or real—of skinny female models in advertising, politicians in France, Britain and Israel are calling for varying degrees of regulation. In Israel, the Knesset is considering a proposed law that would ban the use of underweight models, as well as the practice of using Photoshop or other software to narrow the waists of models. Britain’s Committee of Advertising Practice, which regulates advertising in the UK, is considering an academic report that recommends a ban on Photoshopped ads meant for girls under 16.

The man’s view: When Fashion Models Looked Like Women
Viewing the retrospective of Richard Avedon’s fashion work at the International Center of Photography this summer, I and other women-of-a-certain-age were struck by one thing: In the Forties and Fifties, fashion models were mature and cosmopolitan. In sharp contrast to the skinny teens and skin-bearing specimens in today’s fashion spreads.

And while this video is neither informative not politically correct, I’m posting it cause I am still laughing. Not Safe for Work due to strong language and a bunch of f-bombs. Here is The Social Media Guru from YouTube.

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