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Here we are, Austin, Texas, and another South by Southwest Interactive is upon us. Like a cold front with lots of rain and messy traffic. While I’m steering clear of the festival this year here are some links that will keep you in the know. I’ll be updating this page daily with more and more and more, until you fall over and wonder how I can copy and paste so many links. Enjoy my mining and read some of this stuff, it’ll make you smarter than most panels you might attend if you were here. And if you are here for SXSWi welcome. Don’t move here.

Does Twitter Even Have a Business Plan?

Twitter’s Secret History As the World’s Worst Tech or Media Business (Gawker)
A source with close knowledge of Twitter’s financials leaked us revenue, profit, and other figures from the company’s recent past. They are not encouraging. It’s notoriously hard to build a profitable tech startup, even in these bubble times. But Twitter, the business, has been provided a huge leg up by Twitter, the technology platform. It counts somewhere north of 100 million global active users.

Geoloqi – Amber Case’s Location-Based Startup of Ambient Location-based Technology

Amber’s Book Reference: Feed M.T. Anderson
In a future where most people have computer implants in their heads to control their environment, a boy meets an unusual girl who is in serious trouble.

SXSW Interactive Live Streaming Events (SXSW.com)
The conference is in Austin, Texas where it’s rainy and cold this week. But you don’t have to miss all of the fun. Here is the Live Streaming schedule for SXSW Interactive.

How Effective Are Facebook Ads? (Jeff Bullas)
Facebook ads are offering an alternative to other digital advertising and in 2010 the number of  display ads served up by Facebook  passed the 1 trillion milestone for the first time in history passing Yahoo with 529 billion ads according to recent report by Comscore.

The Raping of the Business World (Social Media Explorer)
I’m a small guy on the block in the event business and many of the tried and true professionals here will roll their eyes and tsk-tsk me away as a n00b. But if there’s one thing I think I’m onto, it’s proving that an event doesn’t have to bow down to overcharges and arrogance that equates to the raping of the business world.

6 Effective but Ignored Social Media Marketing Sites (Click-Z)
Pinterest, Discussion Forums, Slideshare, Tumblr, Google+, Scribd. (Comment: Not sure if Pinterest or Google+ would qualify as ignored, IMHO.)

50 Twitter facts that’ll fascinate small businesses (Social-able UK)
The name was finalized as Twitter (as we know), meaning ‘chirps from birds’ and more relevantly ‘a short burst of inconsequential information’

How to Grow Your Blog (And Business) One Building Block at a Time (for Bloggers by Bloggers)
Blogging can often be a lonely pastime (even for multi-author business blogs) and you don’t always see quick returns (financially or personally). So unless you love what you’re doing, it’ll become boring pretty quick.

How to get over social media writer’s block (SocialMedia.Biz)
There are six reasons why you’ll have chronic writer’s block when it comes to producing content to feed your social media dragons: blog, Twitter and Facebook. Once you recognize some of these reasons within yourself, you can break out of writer’s block and let the world know what you have to say.

Could the digital ‘cloud’ used for storage ever crash? (BBC News)
It’s now becoming more common for users to store their files online in what’s referred to as “the cloud”. But how safe is cloud storage when prosecutors can close down massively popular websites without warning?

Everything you always wanted to know about Pinterest (but were afraid to ask) (Smart Blog on Social Media)
These days Pinterest, the fastest drawing social media network in history, has everyone eyeing it with curiosity and just a little trepidation. They wonder if it will settle down — or become another in a long line of drifters who pass through town.

A Very (P)interesting [infographic] (Daily Infographic)
Pinterest has blown up this year, and sorry guys – its not for you. With women dominating the populous at almost 70% of registered users the content is mostly made up of clothes, food and motivational typography. For now Pinterest is growing extremely fast without much help from the male demographic and maybe they won’t need guns and videogames for a while.

Search Tools SEO and PPCShould You Bid On A Keyword If You Rank Organically For That Term? (Search Engine Land)
I have seen some cases where it was not a good idea to buy PPC when you rank organically from a profit standpoint (there are other reasons to do it such as demand generation). Generally, I see that happen for keywords that are early in the buying funnel and they are not high converting keywords, but more awareness and interest focused keywords.

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