Just Click It: WED 12-23-09 Twitter Linked Opened, Not Necessarily Read

(In my quest to Just Click It, I am going to capture a few of the topics that cause my finger to twitch.)

How to Integrate Twitter With Your Content Marketing Strategy
(ezinearticles.com) – Twitter can be used to deliver valuable information to your readers in both long and short forms. Plus, it can be used to determine what type of content is valuable to them. This post gives three main ways to fit Twitter into a content marketing strategy. Read more about sharing longer content, creating shorter content and learning without imposing.

10 Things Changing Marketing In 2010
(www.mediapost.com) – Hot issues facing marketers in 2010 from the rise of mobile, to social media, real time search and more. Includes links to past posts covering the various topics. See about Facebook Connect, Cause Marketing and social media agencies.

Selling SEO to Small Businesses (A Primer)
For an aggressive, clever, and highly-caffeinated SEO, the small business landscape in almost any city is a treasure trove of opportunities. Unfortunately, getting your hands on that treasure can be a bit of an adventure. Those SEOs with a lust for high adventure and a cooler full of Red Bull, please read on.

The 4 Cs Of Web Failure
Websites are meant to serve a function but unfortunately, this function is often missed by either neglecting or paying too much attention to 4 key areas that can sink your efforts before you even go live. Learn from other seasoned professionals in this article and begin development and design on the right footing.

Why Does Facebook Want to Suck the Fun Out of Unfriending?
So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Seppukoo, a site that helps you deactivate your Facebook profile, then creates a tongue-in-cheek memorial page and sends it to all of your Facebook friends. “You are more than your virtual identity,” the homepage professes. “Pass away and leave your ID behind.”

Why You Should Have a Social Media Calendar
When I hear about the processes companies are using to engage in social media-based conversations and communities, I’m a bit surprised that many lack any kind of strategy or written plan. While I’m a firm believer in the need for both spontaneity and frequency in social media-enabled communications, I also believe that whenever a company decides to adopt new communications tools, they need to start with the basics of Marketing and Communications 101.

RIM blames massive service outage on newer Messenger versions
Diehard BlackBerry users often compare BlackBerry Messenger to a potent drug. And just like a drug, coming down from a BBM high can be rough — so rough, in fact, that RIM’s claiming that a couple recent releases are responsible for “an unanticipated database issue” that stone-cold knocked out data service for many of the world’s subscribers yesterday.

The Do-It-Yourself Economy
The Great Inflection is the mass diffusion of low-cost, high-powered innovation technologies — from hand-held computers to Web sites that offer any imaginable service — plus cheap connectivity. They are transforming how business is done. The Great Recession you know.

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