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Please forgive the disorganization of this site. We’ve got over 800 posts to categorize and build in to classes. Today you can still get all the great content for free, but you’re going to have to look for it. Either use the SEARCH box or use the SITEMAP and search for the word or subject you are looking for there. Here’s what’s coming.

  1. The Twitter Way – using Twitter with skill and art
  2. Workin Facebook – all that’s good and bad and profitable about Facebook
  3. LinkedIn for Business – how to stay on top of the best networking site for business
  4. Fit Lifestyle – the blending of tech and hard work can help you reach your goals
  5. Apple Lifestyle – it’s not just a brand it’s an ecosystem – how Apple changes and improves our lives
  6. BMW Lifestyle – sure it’s a luxury brand, but there is a lot to learn from one of the best run car/tech companies
  7. Dell Hell – branding, e-commerce, company profiles, dysfunctions and repairs for the tech giant
  8. Social Media Marketing – it’s just digital marketing, but social is the accelerant
  9. Growth Hacker Digital Marketing and Branding – driving business using all the digital tools

We promise we are on it, but we’re a team of ONE and have several other projects that are paying the bills at the moment, so please take it easy on us.

We’ll be opening up a subscription option (free for now) and eventually this entire site will be on a $1 per month subscription service. Today, however, it’s all FREE, so enjoy. Look around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please ask, I’ll fetch it back up to the site for you.

Thanks again, John McElhenney

Requests and post ideas to john.mcelhenney (at) gmail (dot) com

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