Keep Your Filter Off My Frickin Friends! Facebook Fails #28: ZUCK Sucks.

Keep Your Filter Off My Frickin Friends! Facebook Fails #28: ZUCK Sucks.

Facebook Does So Much Wrong, Let Me Count the Ways
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Have you heard of the Filter Bubble? It’s when Google (yes they do it) or Facebook (they filter about 80% of what you see) and even Twitter (started “filtering by interest”) recently started giving you the OPTION. The problem is, most of them are NOT giving you the option to turn “their” filtering OFF.

In general, filtering is not a bad work, in fact, if Google didn’t filter some of your results you’d quickly lose interest in Google as a search engine. So that’s okay, it’s when you CAN’T turn off or look beyond the filter, that I get really mad. Let’s look at Facebook’s current BASIC and STRICT Filtering, and as why isn’t there a NO Filtering option?

Here’s Facebook’s Messaging screen. Notice their use of the word “Mostly.” It’s a lie. They are feeding you messages depending on who they think you need to chat with. AND here’s the rub, if they DON’T know you, guess what… Facebook’s got this new habit of the $1, $5, or $15 offer to put the message in my INBOX or my OTHER MAIL box.

I started seeing this message pop up a month ago. And I was like, fk that, Zuck, I’m not paying you for the privilege of communicating with someone on Facebook. Well, now Zuck has got me by the proverbial Facebook Balls with his MUTE-your-ass for a FB Timeout.

But not giving me the option to TURN OFF their FILTERING is crap. It makes me mad. And please don’t pay them $0.01 to put your message in my INBOX, but don’t put it in my OTHER box either. Here’s my email address (jm(at)uber(dot)la) and you can comment here.

FK the FILTER. (Sorry, this makes me really mad.)

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 4.03.38 PM


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