Why Is TrueTwit Still Alive? And How They Have KILLED the Direct Message on #Twitter

Why Is TrueTwit Still Alive? And How They Have KILLED the Direct Message on #Twitter

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Just how bad is TRUETWIT? In the graphic above I was using Bluenod (a Twitter data viz program) to look at my Twitter community. And who shows up as a big “influence” or “tweeter” in my universe? TrueTwit. I nearly puked. Then I thought I’d update my thoughts a bit from my earlier rant against them: TrueTwit is Twitter Spam

The problem is Twitter is being strangled by SPAM and SPAMMERS. Using the platform to broadcast porn, scammy offers, and all matter of internet crap, just like on email.

NOT HELPING: TrueTwit tries to help newbies get a handle on the spam accounts by asking a FOLLOW REQUESTOR to validate that they are human by going through TrueTwit’s service. PROBLEM is this fills your Twitter Direct Message Inbox with this type of message.


I have never and will never validate a TrueTwit request. And I suggest you don’t either. If the person is concerned about spammers, let them do the filtering IN PERSON, by making their account PRIVATE and approving REAL followers themselves. TrueTwit automates this process, in theory, but it floods your (my) DM Inbox with crap like the above message. And if you’re working Twitter, like I do, your inbox quickly becomes filled with this type of message and nothing else. If someone DID DM me for contact, these days I wouldn’t see it, because I don’t even OPEN THE DM INBOX.

So in looking at my sphere of influence and community on Twitter I was a bit irritated that TrueTwit comes up and highly influential and connected with my network. And while I’m not declaring a jihad on TrueTwit I’d just hope that Twitter CO will kill their access to the new API. And I’m not alone in my irritation with TrueTwit and TrueTwit users/spammers.

And if you want to see the overall sentiment about TrueTwit do a Twitter search for it. SEARCH: #TrueTwit  And what you will see is the flowing daily rant AGAINST TrueTwit’s spammy techniques. Heck, join the ruckus and send your own “Hey TrueTwit FK OFF” tweet. They won’t get the message because you’re not validated using TrueTwit, but they will see it in their Radian 6 dashboard.

There are ways to make Twitter better. But we’ve got to do the work, like humans, because it’s not in Twitter’s best interest to shut down the scammers and spammers OR, I suppose, TrueTwit.

1. Don’t use ANY AUTO services. (Yes, I disagree with scheduled Tweets.)

2. Please don’t use TrueTwit and let the people using it know that you WILL NOT BE VALIDATING OR FOLLOWING THEM.


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  1. How do you totally disconnect your Twitter from True Twit? I Canceled the service but still have them sending messages to my future followers.

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