Auto-Bots Are Killing Twitter; Why Auto-Social & Robot-Social is Bad

Auto-Bots Are Killing Twitter; Why Auto-Social & Robot-Social is Bad

Something is killing twitter. It’s probably the reason you don’t like or don’t understand why anyone would like Twitter. It’s SPAM and AUTO-SPAM. Tools like TrueTwit claim to help, but they actually create more SPAM. The DM is dead, because all of the DM messages are SPAM from AUTO-RESPONDERS and TRUETWIT validation messages. Well, we need to fight back. Twitter is amazing when you get into it, and when you use it correctly. There’s a ton of information out there on Twitter, and there is a currency and immediacy that is not available on any other social network. You don’t go to Facebook to learn about breaking news. You go to Twitter. Let’s look into what’s killing our lightning fast social media service.

Why are the Twitter continuance rates so bad? Why do so many people try Twitter and then leave? Up to 80% of new Twitter users will stop using the service within a month. What’s wrong with this statistic? Is Twitter hard to use? Part of the problem is definitely the spammers.

Okay, so I’ve written a lot about Twitter in the past few years. And some of it is “how to” some of it is “here’s how I think you should do it,” and much of it is “auto-bot, twitter spammers, and pornsters are killing twitter, here’s how to fight back.” So I guess there might be a problem. And it’s not getting better.

Yesterday I was amazed when my Twitter Follower count (how many people are subscribed to my tweets) went up by several hundred in one day. What I was more amazed by was the list of some of my new followers.

Twitter spam steps up the game

And this was a long list. What’s going on here?

Jibberish Twitter IDs and random names. What’s the point? What’s the game with creating a bunch of zombie Twitter accounts? How does that provide value or commerce for anything? And then this morning I am reminded of these type services.

Tweet your way to hell

A site that will do it all for you. Let the robots do all your Twitter management. And guaranteed followers. Perhaps the two things are connected. [at least tweetadder has been killed.]


SPAM into the tweetstream using auto-systems like Tweetadder!

Automatic Twitter Software. Ah, very nice. Auto what? Auto-SPAM. I love the idea of MASS TWEETS. What the heck do you suppose that is? Will this crap software write the tweets for you? In what language, ESL?

Okay, so Twitter is hard to learn. And trying to sift through the barrage of auto-SPAM-tweets is one of the most arduous tasks. And the “adder” … well,  different *adder* comes to mind when I see their name.

the death of twitter via adder

Yah know, the adder is a pretty bad ass snake, right?

Okay, so what can we do to fight back?

  1. Don’t auto anything? In social auto is bad. It turns social into robot-social. And unless you are a machine or a coupon outlet, you need to express your humanness with every tweet.
  2. Report spammy Tweeters. You can use the “Report as Spam function on” or you can use a tool like TwitBlock to cull the crap.
  3. Use a tool like Klout to up your own reputation online and learn what followers are REAL and which ones are bots.
  4. And spread the word. Let people know that Auto-DMs piss you off.
  5. Ask auto-checkin friends why they checked-in at McDonald’s?
  6. And then try and tweet like a human. As they say, you only get what you give.


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  1. “pornsters are killing twitter?” – Ummm you can’t encounter (real) pornstar accounts unless you go looking for them.

    1. I’m talking about the *primarily* Asian spam accounts that tend to have sex in their bio. Actual porn stars are real people too. (grin)

  2. Another tool to help keep track of who’s real and who’s not is You can search for people who have been tagged and order them by Klout. You can do the same thing with the Twitter users you follow.

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