Drawing the Circles Around LinkedIN Contacts – Social Media for Business of Any Size

While researching a post on LinkedIN, I was pleasantly surprised by this snapshot of one moment in time via my LinkedIN connections.

linkedin for business, my network

Often in networking, as in life, it’s not who you know, it’s how you know them, how they represent you, and who THEY know. In looking at this social graph I am confident that I will be doing business or making high-level referrals for 8 people on this list, in the NEXT TWO WEEKS! That’s money folks! That’s social media success. That’s linkedIN for business and connections that you can’t make up or fake up in a week or even a year.

Social media networks and personal branding are all the rage, but the simple process is do good work, reward good people and let others know how good they are. And over time, the “love you take, is equal to the love… you make.”

Have you recommended a rockstar today?

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