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The Social Media Relevance Test: G+ Is Failing

Getting my Google Plus On; What’s G+ All About
I’ve been trying to find places and ways to get my social fix. Today I’ll look at G+ and give you my top impressions and a few links to my G+ writings. I’ve been working it since it was a beta and I’m still not clear on it’s benefits. Oh, other than the fact that I get about 10 – 1 the clicks from Facebook or Twitter. Well, on my techie, social media, stuff that is.

The Quick-Start Guide to Google+
Here’s my best pass at showing you how to use Google+. I will be making a quick video of this presentation shortly. Enjoy, join us on Google+, and get out there.

Assimilation: The Google Takeover! How Many Ways Do You Google?
Oh webby world what are we weaving? When Google/Amazon/Experian merge into one company will SKYNET have been created? Or is Google working to become self-aware all by itself, with the help of each and every one of us users? I am sorry… I have already been assimilated.

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Calculating the Value of Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
Yes, we’re all tired of hearing about how to make the case for ROI and SOCIAL MEDIA. But guess what, I still have to make that case every day. I’m doing it here. And you will have to do it too. So get out there, try some things, track everything, and share when you find something that works.

Are You a Connector? Giving Referrals & Recommendations Is Part of Your Work
We talk about networking, and social media, and referrals and recommendations. But when asked to provide a resource, do you know how to make the most out of this simple but powerful document?

Referrals and Direct Incoming Traffic Stats: A Pop Quiz
1. LinkedIn rocks. 2. Organic Search (SEO) is very important. 3. Direct links still drive the majority of the traffic to uber.la.

Um, Your LinkedIN Profile Is Kinda Important. You Might Want To Pay Attention!
Are you in business? Do you need to network? Would you like more work, or better paying work? Okay, let’s get something straight. You don’t need to take a “Marketing on LinkedIn” Webinar to understand these fundamental requirements. Makes me think of a funny line from Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, “So [explicative] pay attention!”

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Waiting on Pinterest? The Excitement is on NEXT-PIN Sites – Beyond #Pinterest
Pinterest, thanks for the wakeup call. People like sharing photos and Facebook is too cumbersome to do that simply. I don’t want everyone IN my Face-book. Follow my PINS sure. // What’s next for Pinterest? Unknown. // What’s next for NEXT-PIN sites? Sky’s the limit.

Pinning for Pleasure; How Business Might Be Missing the Pinboard Metaphor
Pinterest is really about sharing an idea, a picture, a whim, a fancy. The transaction behind that idea is a long way off in the mind of 99% of most PINNERS. The IMAGE and the PIN, that’s the entire point of Pinterest. A BUY NOW button might just kill the whole thing. We shall see, won’t we?

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