Get Your List On: Twitter Lists, the New Social Cred System

I’m not going to brag, but I can’t believe over 200 lists have me as a member.

twitter list's the new cred system

Did that work for you? Or did that seem like bragging?

Either way, I can tell you one thing, Twitter lists may be more important that how many people follow you. It’s guilt or promotion by association. And when looking to discover new people to follow, I DO sometimes look at the lists that include ME. Cause if they added me, there must be something of a connection.

And there’s a way, I can’t remember what it is right now, to follow all the people on a list with one click. (I’ll Google it when I need it.)

So go forth and organize the people you follow into lists. And if they are happy about it, they might add you back. I think it’s a new social cred system.


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